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Are the flea bombs from Walmart any good?

Asked by: faqmaster 8421 views Pest Control

I couple days ago I found that I have a serious flea problem. First of all my cats seem to have got them from somewhere and then I noticed that my dogs are scratching themselves. After inspection, I confirmed that they also have these little buggers and to make matters even worse, it seems that they have made their way into the rooms! My small daughter even had a number of bites on her which was rather distressing and I just want to get this problem sorted!

For treating my pets, I have decided to try a few natural methods before I move onto the different product ranges. However, to my knowledge, there are no real effective natural methods for killing the fleas in the house, is this correct?

If not, I have done some research and found that there are so many different products that can be used that its making my head spin. After reading your blog, it seems that I need to use flea bomb but I am confused as to which is the best option. I will be purchasing it at Walmart since its the closest to my family home and was wondering if the flea bombs from Walmart are any good?

I would appreciate your guidance in this matter as I do not want to make the wrong choice as it will be expensive and may not even work. Thanks!

3 Answers

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    bugexpert on Dec 05, 2012

    Sorry to hear that you are battling with fleas, I personally know how bad it can get and I hope that I can help you!

    Before I discuss the different flea bombs from Walmart, lets look at your first question. To be honest, it comes to natural flea removal in the home, most of them are more focused on getting rid of them on your pets and to keep them away (preventative measures). However, besides giving all your clothes, linen, etc a good hot wash, one natural method you could try is steam cleaning. A steam cleaner can usually be rented for the day and is hot enough to kill fleas on contact. Good places to use them would be on your carpets and beds. While it may be obvious, do NOT it on your pets as it will hurt them!

    Secondly, there are a multitude of different flea bombs that are available from Walmart and I don’t blame you for being overwhelmed. Based on experience with flea bombs, I highly recommend giving Adams Flea and Tick a try. These are very powerful because they kill fleas and the eggs which stop another outbreak from happening a couple weeks later.

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  2. andrew on Dec 11, 2012

    There are no walmarts in my country (crazy hey) but I know that even the most basic supermarket usually stocks Adams flea bombs or raid and they are both very good. See which one is best for you :)

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  3. coolz on Dec 11, 2012

    Hey! There are a ton of different options at Walmart. I think you should just choose the one thats the most affordable as most of them contain IGR and work very well. Enjoy

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