How To Kill Fruit Flies Fast At Minimal Cost!

Summary: How to kill fruit flies effectively has long been a discussion in many households around the globe and may wonder how to do it. Although they spread very fast, you can get them under control and then learning how to kill fruit flies indoors is fairly easily. Your showers need your attention and after you have killed fruit flies in your home, you need to be proactive in keeping them away.

These pests can be a real irritation in your home The good news is that it’s a fairly inexpensive process and can be done yourself very quickly. Its just about knowing what to do first and learning how to keep them away permanently. In this article I plan to show you exactly how to do this so you can learn how what kills flies as fast as possible.

The Mindset You Need to Kill These Pests

In order to kill these pests, you first need to understand a few things about them. They breed extremely fast and within 60 hours, the females are able to hatch, begin the mating process, lay a couple hundred eggs with still enough time for those to hatch into fully functional fruit flies, with the potential of them breeding as well. With that in mind, this process cannot be half done. If you are dedicated to freeing yourself from your fruit fly infestation, you need to cover all your bases and also kill fruit fly eggs as part of your removal plans.

How to Kill Fruit Flies in Your Showers

I have found that the best way to get rid of these pests in your showers is to pour bleach down the pipes. If possible, try and remove the shower covering (usually just a few screws) as this will allow the liquid to cover all the areas inside of the shower drain. The powerful chemicals will not only kill any lingering fruit flies and their larva but will also kill any bacteria. Therefore, its actually suggested that you do this from time to time, even if you do not have a fruit fly problem.

Another area that people often overlook is making sure that their wet clothes get dried as quick as possible. After taking a swim or coming inside when its been raining, the first place people put their wet things is in the bathroom. Although there is nothing wrong with that for a couple hours, if left for days it can actually start to stick and this bacteria attracts fruit flies! You can find more information here at the University of Kentucky on various prevention and removal methods that compliment this guide.

Solution to Destroy Fruit Flies Right Now!

  1. Throw away any old food and get in the habit of doing so every single day. I understand that life is busy and often its all too easy to leave a plate dirty in the sink before returning to watch your favorite TV show. However, you need to remember that leaving old food around for an extended period of time attracts fruit flies and other harmful bacteria and if its done on a continuous basis, you can start seeing the negative results (such as a fruit fly infestation) after a couple weeks.
  2. Scraping your plates into the rubbish bin is how to eliminate fruit flies from infesting your home right? Wrong! If you put your old (or rotten) food into the trash and then only take it outside to be disposed of one a week, that gives plenty time for bacteria to find your food and fruit flies to lay their eggs. If you just do not have the time to take your trash out at least 3-4 times a week, put all your old food (that you want to throw away) into a smaller plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Any non bio-degradable products can go straight into your trash can but the rest should go into your “freezer bag”. Bacteria cannot breed in the cold and if you are also having an issue with your rubbish bin stinking out your kitchen, this is a very good solution to that problem as well.
  3. Keep your fruit covered or put them in the fridge. This does not have to be an elaborate setup. Just a simple, cost effective netting that can be placed over your fruit bowl can do the trick. I even found a method on digg the other day that involves placing a household fan near your fruit bowl to blow the fruit flies away but I personally feel that’s a bit unnecessary. Remember that fruit flies get their name for a reason; they love fruit (or to lay their eggs in fruit to be more scientifically accurate) so a major step in how to eliminate fruit flies is to keep them away from their favorite destination in your lovely, clean kitchen.

If you would like to create your own fruit fly trap you can find an excellent guide for it on this blog. It has been tried and tested by myself and I encourage you to give it a shot. If you have any success with it or would like to know more, please feel free to contact me 🙂

Proactive Fruit Fly Maintenance

If soldiers have fought long and hard to gain a stronghold or position on the battlefield, they then make the necessarily preparations to ensure that it remains in their control or all of their effort would have only been short term. You need to adopt the same mindset when it comes to many things in life. Short term success cannot be compared to long term gain and when it comes to your health and quality of life. This is the same mindset that you need when killing fruit flies inside your home. Therefore I urge you to keep on making sure that no food is left lying around, that dishes are washed regularly and trash is taken out as soon as possible. Also remember to keep your clothes dry and do not leave towels crumpled in the corner of your room otherwise this will make killing fruit flies very hard. Learn about the epic fruit fly life cycle stages here.

how to kill fruit flies pic 199

Picture of a fruit fly

I am sure that you have discovered some valuable facts on getting rid of fruit flies. Although you may have a pretty bad infestation, do not feel alone, they are thousands around the world that are suffering with the same problem. If you feel that this article has helped you understand how to eliminate fruit flies, we invite you to tell your friends and family so that they can also benefit from the information and also go about killing fruit flies in their home. Alternatively, perhaps share it with your friends on social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook using the buttons on the left of this page. I would like to personally thank you for reading this and wish you the best of luck in solving your infestation and hope that you have successfully learnt how to kill fruit flies. 🙂

Natasha Anderson
Natasha Anderson

Hello! My name is Natasha Anderson and I have been helping people with their pest control issues since 2012. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below (or contact me up on social media) and I will respond within 48 hours (even for older articles). Please note that these articles are for informational use only, please seek help from a local professional if you have a serious situation. If you want to support my work, please share this article on social media.


  1. Maman says:

    I discovered a similar fly trap by accident when I noticed that when a cup of tea was left out with a small amount left in the bottom of the mug you would find the flies had gravitated there and drowned after a short time- I take sugar so it seems to appeal to the flies sweet tooth..

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Yeah they do. Thanks for sharing your personal experience Maman!

  2. Mary says:

    Cant I just swat them lol?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      If you only have a couple flying around, by all means. But the females lay a couple hundred eggs in under 3 weeks and chances are that some of them have started breeding already so its wise to address the cause, not just the symptoms 🙂 Plus I am sure that you have better things to do then run around your house with a swatter 😉

  3. Alexis says:

    Damn, these are some good ideas.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hehe, then start putting them to use and they will be more then just ideas for you 😉

  4. v627 says:

    What is the clear plastic packet and where does it go. Please tell us how to assemble the trap

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have a step by step guide on how to make that trap here on this site, just visit the fruit flies category 🙂

      • Bill Bixby says:

        I like to eat fruit flies. I put them in Jello and chow down.

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Hehehe! That should be the removal method that I recommend for all my readers, death by consumption 😉

  5. Courtney says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for in depth articles.  No one knew what I was talking about when I said little red bugs in my bathroom.  Because of course, why would they be fruit flies when there’s no fruit in the bathroom?  But it seems like every spring/fall when we open windows for fresh air, there they are migrating to my bathroom mirror! So aggravating, but now I can spend some serious time bleaching them away. Thanks!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Its a pleasure Courtney, glad you found a solution and happy it was here 🙂

  6. JW says:

    Help! I had wet clothes on a drying rack for the last day and a half and have had fruit flies. Could the flies have laid eggs on my clothes ? I just ran them through the dryer for 20 minutes. do I need to rewash them? did i just potentially infest my dryer?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey JW! Its high unlikely that they laid eggs and even if they did, a single hot wash would have got rid of them so don’t stress 🙂 Your dryer will also not get infested. Hope that helps 🙂

  7. ACC says:

    fruit fly killer….leave out a beer bottle with some beer left at the bottom ( like 1/4 full). They all drown them selfs and die.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      I must say, that is a fantastic fruit fly trap! However, I can only imagine that after “making” a large number of them by drinking most of the beer, you may find yourself not caring very much about the fruit fly problem for a couple hours 😉

  8. Valeriewarmath says:

    Not only do I have a fruit fly infestation in my apt., I have even had an exterminator spray and THAT  didn’t even get rid of them!! I’ve tried pouring bleach down all my drains, drain cleaner, I’ve tried the apple cider vinegar thing, bug spray, you name it, I’ve done it!! And I STILL have literally THOUSANDS of those nasty things flying around my apt.! Im desperate here! What can I do to finally get rid of them?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Valerie, sorry for the late response. There must be something that is drawing them to your apartment. For example, if you were really hungry, you wouldn’t hang around somewhere where there was no chance of you getting something to eat. Likewise, the fruit flies must be feeding off something and you need to find it otherwise you will never get rid of them. I recommend checking under the fridge, stoves, ovens, etc for food that may have dropped and started to rot. Otherwise check your yard for fruit trees and the like. Keep me updated 🙂

    • Adriana says:

      Check for the following – a piece of rotten fruit in your fruit basket, a rotten potato…that’s where my never endung fruit flues were coming from!

      • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

        Hi Adriana! Thanks for assisting, really appreciate it.

  9. Christy says:

     Great article! Is it possible to spray the room then hope the eggs will crack by itself? Or not? Or possible? 🙂 I had fruit flies problem and they’re gone but I want to be 100% sure 🙂

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Christy! Using an IGR compliant flea spray wont actually crack the eggs. Instead, its going to stop them from hatching into larva, which eventually ends up as adult fleas. So basically, you are stopping their life cycle. You may still need to deal with the adult fleas but a decent flea spray, combined with the methods in this article will definitely help you to get rid of them quickly 🙂 Cheers!

  10. Yanni :3 says:

    Hi, I just want to say that you have an informative article here about getting rid of the fruit flies. Truly, fruit flies really pose a problem to any household member. They can make distracting noises when they pass through your ears, sometimes they even get inside! May I ask if you have any other unique methods in fighting off against fruit flies? Traps, frequency emitting devices, or any sorts? Thanks! Also may I ask if you had any recent fruit flies problems? And what did you do to win against them? Just asking if you don’t mind, I want how the experts deal with their own fruit flies problems 🙂

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Yanni! Personally, after making sure that I don’t have any old or rotten food that may be attracting fruit flies, I use about 4-6 fruit fly traps and just swat any that I see flying around my home. I had a fairly bad infestation last summer but this method was even able to get that under control. I have also had similar success with a number of individuals that used this advice and I am sure you will enjoy the same good results. Good luck!

  11. Susanna says:

    Thank you so much for this excellent help. We had the traps around, but the flies were still persistent and pervasive, so now we did the bleach down the drains. I also found that I can catch some of them with the vacuum wand if I see a line of them waiting for their suicide mission!! haha

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Its a pleasure Susanna, I am glad that you found it useful! Make sure you make a wicked laughing sound when you suck them up, I have heard that it can keep future infestations away 😉

  12. Graceful Giraffe says:

    Is it possible that they breed in cat litter? The box is in my home office and I often see these pests flying in front of my computer screen. (and how do they know they’re most aggravating when they do their swift acrobatics right in front of your face??)
    Seems they’re most prolific during the warmer months. They also seem more active when the A/C or heat is flowing out of the floor vents. Ever hear of them living in the ductwork under the house?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey there! Most definitely, fruit flies love laying their eggs in litter boxes so I think that’s definitely where they are coming from. The simplest way you are going to rectify this infestation (especially during the warm months) is to use a fruit fly trap. I have an article on this subject and after reading it, please feel free to ask me any questions and I will be more then happy to assist you further 🙂

  13. Cat Lover says:

    I also have trouble with fruit flys in my oversized litter box which I keep very clean. I have 6 cats that use it and I scoop it out about 5 times a day. I have been noticing these fruit flys for about 2 weeks now. I try and kill them but is in possible,so I spray alittle Lysol on the top of the litter,my question is when the cats use it will the fruit flys land on my cats and would they attach themselves to my cats and then lay more eggs.I do wait a few minutes after I spray and then I scoop and turn over the litter so that the cats are not right on top of the spray.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Heya! Fruit flies will not attach themselves or lay eggs on your cats. They will target a suitable place where its warm and where a food source (usually fruit) is available. To keep them away from the litter box, fruit fly traps are great. I recommend making a couple of them (there is an article on this blog about it) and replacing your cat litter with a new batch. At the same time however, I advise that you take a couple hours to find out where the fruit flies are coming from as keeping them out the house completely would be a better solution. Good luck!

  14. Pat says:

    I had what I thought were fruit flies but now I think they came from a plumbling leak under the house. The leak has been fixed and we set off a fogger down there and we’ve also been doing the bleach and boiling water in drains; however we still are seeing some. Also, I’m getting a septic safe drain cleaner and will be doing that in the next day or so. I’ve also sprayed around baseboards and window sills in house. Is there something else I could do to expedite getting rid of them for good?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Pat! Based on your description, that should be all that’s necessary to kill these pests. Let me know if you are still finding them after you perform these steps and I will see if I can help you further 🙂

  15. Libby says:

    Excellent advice, the best I’ve found after much searching!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Libby! Thanks, I really appreciate your kind words, its always a welcome refreshment and keeps me motivated to write more 🙂 Have a good one!

  16. kathrin says:

    BIG fruit fly problem in my apartment! Have tried everything ‘natural’ to get rid of them which helps a little but still they are everywhere!! Please recommend a effective spray i can use in the home to get rid of them. At this point;I don’t care if it’s natural/green/chemical free, just need them gone!! Many thanks for your advice!!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Kathrin! Your best bet (after you have cleared away anything that could be attracting them) is to use a simple bug aerosol spray that contains an IGR (insect growth regulator) on these pests. However, please be careful that you don’t accidentally spray your foodstuffs as this can cause a potential health risk. I know that RAID has a good spray that you can check it if its available near you. Good luck!

  17. elise says:

    My favorite way to get rid of fruit flies is to place a dish with a good smear of ripe banana in the dishwasher. Leave the door open for 30 minutes or so and the flies will congregate for a tasty snack. When they are all (or mostly all) in the dishwasher, quickly close the door and turn the machine on. Clean plates and the bugs are gone. 🙂

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Elise! Well I must admit, that is a rather novel way of getting rid of them hehe 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  18. D Knott says:

    Which works best…the vinegar trap or the beer bottle idea? I am so pissed these flies are all over my kitchen. about 4 months ago I changed my diet so 75-85% of my foods are “healthy” and for the first time ever i have been eating fruits/veggies on a regular basis thanks to purchasing a NutriBullet. I was so proud that most days i double the recommended RDA or sometimes tripe it as far as the number of “freggies” per day. Now these damn flies are all over and are making me hate buying fresh produce in bulk like i had been doing lately. I was getting ready to kick it into high gear and add exercising on a regular basis with the dieting so i could increase weight loss but the stupid fruit flies/gnats/black flying ninjas are ruining everything…..HELP

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Knott! I personally use the vinegar trap. It has worked for me in the past and I highly recommend that you give it a shot. Congrats on your healthy eating, I bet you a feeling pretty good as a result. Make a couple of those traps and you will feel even better once those pests are gone 😉

  19. Andy says:

    I am raising a stag beetle and you know what it eats – fruit jelly. It attracts so much fruit flies and it looks like I am raising flies more than a beetle. Do you have any idea of making a mini fruit fly trap?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Andy! Absolutely, in fact I have an article that will show you exactly how to make a fruit fly trap. Just browse to the fruit fly section of this blog and you will find it there, hope you find it beneficial 🙂

      • Andy says:

        I need it to fit in a beetle box (about the height of 5cm). BTW, can you give me the link of it?

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Hi Andy! I have sent you the link via email, please let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  20. Diana says:

    WoW I have had fruit flies in the past, when I kept recyclable can bins in my kitchen, stored them outside -) so I ended that problem years ago !! Recently roughly 2 weeks ago out of the blue Pow seemed like they just came out of the wood work. I searched – cleaned every place – drains – wet cloths -dishes – garbage bins, put out traps. I read some ones post that had the same problem. I just never thought about it, like this poster did . I don’t wash my dogs food bowl every day, I just figured it’s licked clean. Plus I give her a treat in an extra bowl when I have left over milk from my cereal .I’m not sure if that was it cause I have so many fruit flies hard to tell , but there were bugs in the bowl ?? I just wanted to share incase this maybe your problem .Grrr Nasty Little Pests – Good luck on your Bug removal . Love this site !!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Diana! Thanks for the comment and your kind words.

  21. sara says:

    Help…have a infestation of fruit flies in my cabinet…i just cleaned it out and threw everything away…but they have laid eggs in the wood of cabinet…it smells like death….how do i get rid of the larvae and the smell to go away…please help….have vinegar traps and also fruit fly traps in cabinet..its not working…HELP

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Sara! I suggest using some bleach to kill the larvae and remove the smell. Good luck!

  22. Alexis says:

    Hi there!

    I’m at my wit’s end….I live in an apartment and I’ve had a fruit fly infestation for about a month now. I have no fruit in the apartment, I’ve thrown out all bad foods in my fridge and pantry, I’ve cleaned the place from top to bottom, I take out the trash every night, I do the dishes, and I have a homemade vinegar trap and about 5 vinegar traps that I bought from the store. All of the traps have been catching a good number of them, but between the traps and squishing them, I’ve killed over 100 now….I’ve had two people check the apartment from top to bottom to see if they can find something that the flies are laying their eggs on and we can’t find a thing. I’ve only lived here since June so there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for anything to happen. They congregate in the kitchen and living room and I think they may be coming in from the window in the living room….I’m only the second person to live in this unit and the windows seem to be sealed tightly…..Is there anything else I can try? Thank you!!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Alexis, are you still having this problem, sorry for the late response. Please let me know!

  23. Liz says:

    Here was my method…. Did the trap cup with orange juice and suran wrap for multiple days.. And while i was catching a lot of flies, there were still many more and many more… So I just got rid of all my recycling and then started wiping everything with Lysol. Then I sprayed all of there favorite spots to hang out with windex and even that would kill them if I sprayed them. Now my kitchen is squeaky clean and I have another trap to catch the last of them and I’m hoping this works.. I already have noticed many are gone already

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Liz, excellent method, thanks for sharing with the community!

  24. Lisa says:

    I have several cats and a MASSIVE gnat infestation. My cats don’t have fleas so they are not on any unnecessary treatments. However, if I were to treat them with Revolution would that help get rid of the gnats?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Lisa! No it won’t help at all, have you tried using a vinegar fruit fly trap?

  25. me says:

    I use a spray bottle with plain water. Once u spray them they fall to the ground an just wipe em up with cleaning wipes.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi there! That works, thanks for sharing your experience.

  26. Janet Taylor says:

    It seems to work better pouring bleach in drains early early in am because that’s when they’re actually in the drain nesting?! This is a long battle owning a vacation rental and cleaning after food extravaganzas

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Janet, I havn’t really tested to see if the time would make a difference, but if that is when they will come into contact with your bleach then yes, absolutely do it at that time. Hope that helps 🙂

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