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20 mule borax vs 40 mule borax

Asked by: Barbara 3535 views Pest Control

Does the 20 Mule Borax work (referenced on your blog) as well as the 40 Mule Borax (or perhaps take a couple more applications)? I ask because on my first visit to the grocery, I was simply looking for Borax because I’d read some other sites that said to put Borax in the carpet for a couple of days to kill the fleas. My older daughter (15) put one application down in my younger daughter’s room yesterday (she’s 2 1/2) and actually slept the night in her room for the first time since the fleas appeared (almost 2 weeks and 2 bombs ago). I noticed this morning that the fleas are back in her room today, but I am not sure if they have traveled from other rooms (haven’t had a chance to treat the whole house — I am working on that today)…or if maybe she didn’t do a good job applying it (she’s 15 — so she kind of randomly shook it). I have reapplied Borax to half of the toddler’s room and I am about to reapply to the other half. I am doing it much more thoroughly — moving furniture, vacuuming, then applying using an old garlic shaker that I washed and dried thoroughly).

I am wondering what your thoughts are on how long I should leave it down, how to know when to reapply (since I read on your page that the borax doesn’t kill the eggs) and if I should use a broom to try to penetrate the carpet better (we have thick berber carpet). I’d go try to find 40 Mule Borax but trying to treat these fleas has broken the budget and we literally are running on fumes until payday this Friday. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I don’t know if you’ve had any success with Tea Tree Oil as part of your flea cures, but I also have quite a bit of it left over from treating head lice on my older kids 2 + years ago when I was pregnant and couldn’t use the typical lice treatments…again, I really appreciate your information, it is so much more thorough than anything else I’ve read so far, and trust me, I have been researching fleas for 2 weeks now!

BTW — we have a cat — who has NEVER gone outside except to go to the vet in his carrier…my 15 year old and toddler brought the fleas in from the back yard (our back yard backs up to a retired cattle farm — no more livestock) and the cat is definitely appreciative for any tips because he’s tired of living on top of my bathroom counter and getting flea baths every other day! A quick explanation of 20 mule borax vs 40 mule borax would be fantastic 🙂

Thanks Barbara!

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    Hey Barbara!

    Both variants will work for flea control, you can follow the same process to get rid of them. Its possible that the borax wasn’t applied properly (I usually rub it into the carpet fibers with a broom after “dusting” it with the powder) but its more likely that the repeat infestation is the result of flea eggs. To kill the eggs, you will need to use an IGR spray as this will interrupt their life cycle, preventing them from hatching. You will also need to kill the adult fleas (borax does a great job at this) and the eggs otherwise you will be fighting a loosing battle.

    Tea tree oil does repel fleas but its not really scalable and if you start using lots of it, it will get expensive. Its possible to get fleas in your home from other pests like rats, skunks and other wildlife and the best way to deal with this is to seal up entrances, etc. to your home. If you have a moment, check out my article on diatomaceous earth, its an alternative to borax and its very cheap. Leave it on your carpet for about a day (same length as Borax by the way, remember to vacuum it up afterwards) and you will start to see results almost immediately.

    Good luck!

    Bug Expert - Aug 30, 2013 |