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Any good flea repellent for dogs??

Asked by: faqmaster 3270 views Pest Control

My pet called Buddy is a 4 year old Labrador retriever who is really a big part of our family as he really knows how to capture everyone’s heart with his fun and also his caring ways towards each member of the family. We would really do everything for him to be always healthy and fit so we would take him to the park almost every weekend and daily, he would run together with me in the morning. He also had fun running around in the neighborhood, especially near the park where there are lots of trees and there was a pond there where he would love to just sprawl in the grass and the leaves.

But now here comes the problem because one time, I noticed that he was scratching his ears and his back quite often. At some times, he would whimper as it seems he could not get enough scratching done. Over the next couple days, I started seeing some specks of pepper-like patches in his belly and also his skin, and as per my own personal knowledge, this was actually flea poo and this is something serious because it really means Buddy has a flea problem even though we could not see live fleas on his body.

And from the reports and some articles I have read, there might not be evident fleas, but it does not mean that the infestation is not severe. Although I have already taken precautions like using pesticides in shampoo, I don’t know if it is enough to really get rid of all the fleas. One friend even told me of a story about his own pet which died from flea infestation because for some reason, it was able to get to the insides of the ears, and for dogs, once this kind of infection sets in, it is dangerous, fatal at even.

This is my major concern now, do you know any good flea repellent for dogs that really works and what can help prevent recurring infestations for my dog? If there is a way to cure this early in the future, what is the most effective of these repellants and do I need a veterinarian to prescribe it to me before I can buy them for my dog?

Sorry for all the questions, thanks!

3 Answers

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    Actually flea repellants may be your only hope in getting rid of these fleas. The patches you see are made by fleas called flea dirts, and majority of the time, the flea repellants are 100% effective in treating them. However, it does not prevent a recurrence in case, so it is up to you how you follow through to make sure that there will be no fleas that get back to re-infest your dog once again.

    andrew - Mar 02, 2013 |

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    Flea repellants do work, though it does not put immunity for your dog. It is effective in removing the immediate infestation of fleas and that is about it. Your dog’s condition is not fatal or remotely dangerous. Fleas are a common as a dime for them, but don’t let it become a severe case as this is where complications set in if you let it go awry.

    Mellony Smith - Mar 04, 2013 |

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      Use Advantix by Bayer. It is made for dogs and it works 100 percent of the time. Yes it does work believe it or not, and about your own dog, don’t sweat it, fleas are common and normal from time to time. A single use of this medication and your dog is back to healthy square one.

      Douglas Grant - Mar 06, 2013 |