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Are these bites from fleas or bed bugs?

Asked by: Jennifer 4072 views Pest Control

God bless you for sharing your knowledge. I was in my bed the other day, a day sick in bed all day, and I suddenly felt itchy on my leg. I open the covers and look at my legs and there are bites all over it on my inner calf from four inches above my ankle to my knee, in sections, three in a triangle, four in a row, then one here and one there, solitude. I look through my covers thinking bed bugs, and I see a flea in my bed.

I don’t have pets. I live in my dad’s large house. I kill the flea. When doing bed bug research, the common characteristic of bed bug bites is exactly that described above, but then I saw your blog which also says fleas can bit in a row. I am terrified to have bed bugs. My dad will kill me. I pray to God that it’s only fleas. I stuck all my blankets in the dryer for a long time on high, vacuumed the mattress and the floor. I went to bed with a hot water bottle last night to keep me warm (as my big blankets were in the dryer) and I had the hot water bottle between my thighs and knees. Then today, I see I have one bite on each side of my knee where I had the hot water bottle. Are fleas attracted to heat? I know they are attracted to light.

Anyways, tomorrow I have to take apart the mattress and look for more signs of bed bugs, which I definitely didn’t see when I checked it thoroughly last night. I had flea bites as a kid, they were always just small hard red dots, not like mosquito bites at all. These ones are a bit larger, they don’t get too big if I don’t scratch, but if my pants are rubbing or i use my palm to rub them, they end up looking like mosquito bites, large and swollen.

Thanks for reading. Any ideas? Are these bites from fleas or bed bugs? I have the home made flea traps set up and so far nothing. I guess I’ll set up the home made bed bug trap next.

Please help! Thank you so much!

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    Hey Jennifer!

    I am glad that you have found the information on the blog useful!

    Based on your description, I would presume that you have a bed bug problem. Remember that although I mention that bed bugs usually bite in a row, it doesn’t mean that fleas don’t sometimes as well. However, there is no need to stress, here is what you can do to remedy the situation.

    Grab yourself some 40 mule borax powder or DE (I personally prefer the food grade DE) and put it under your sheet and other places where bed bugs may be hiding. You can do this in the morning so that by the evening, you can vacuum it all up. I have a guide on borax and DE on my blog so check those out for more details 🙂

    Either of these will get rid of fleas and bed bugs naturally and I highly recommend that you try them. If you have any questions during application or need additional help, please feel free to contact me!


    Bug Expert - Sep 20, 2013 |