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Best flea killer for kittens, please help me!

Asked by: faqmaster 3377 views Pest Control

Hello, I would like some help with some flea problems that I am having with my small kittens. They are still very young and they only entered into this world about 3 weeks ago and they already have damn fleas on them. I couldnt believe my eyes when I first saw them and now I am very stressed because I think that flea bites may be dangerous for my little babies 🙁

I have done some homework and found a huge amount of different recommendations for treating fleas on cats but due to the large number of options, I dont know which one will be the best or most importantly, be safe for my kittens. I know that I should probably go and see a vet but money is a bit tight and I would like to see if I can do something myself, especially if it will be cheaper. However, if I have to, I don’t mind pulling out the credit card if you recommend that I have to but your advice on the best way to kill fleas on my kittens would be much appreciated!

Oh and lastly, I heard that there are household items that are actually the Best flea killer for kittens, is that true? Can they safely remove fleas? I am not too sure if I have anything lying around the home but then again, I have no idea what would work. Thanks!

3 Answers

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    There are a number of different options but make sure that you always check if the treatment can be used on kittens otherwise the results could be deadly. If you are unsure, I highly recommend asking a qualified individual to give you advise, especially if you are using a product based flea removal.

    andrew - Dec 19, 2012 |

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    Agreed, even if you get the best flea killer for kittens, you must ALWAYS make sure that its “kitten friendly” otherwise it could be too strong for your cat. One household item that can kill the little buggers is lemon juice and warm water. Just rub it on the kittens skin and it can get rid of fleas!


    elly - Dec 19, 2012 |

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    Hey! Sorry to hear about the flea problem you have on your kittens. Let me see if I can help.

    Firstly, due to their small size, flea bites can definitely be a potentially dangerous problem but there is no need to stress as they are not going to drop dead if they get some. However, if there are a huge amount of bites, some kittens may experience Anaemia from the loss of blood. However, its more likely that they will just encounter flea dermatitis if your kittens have sensitive skin but it can be treated fairly easily. If you get bitten by fleas, check out my article on how to treat human flea bites.

    If you want to try something at home, I highly recommend using a natural, lemon based dish soap, mixed in warm water. Simply apply this to the kittens skin (if it has signs of fleas) and after a few repeats, you will see good results. Plus its very cheap so I am sure that it will fit nicely into your tight budget.

    Good luck!

    bugexpert - Dec 19, 2012 |