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Bug Induced Breakdown

Asked by: Elda DeSantiago 3258 views Pest Control

I have bites and found bed bugs on my mattress. I have spent 2 days researching and stressing because it seems bedbugs are heck getting rid of, especially if I can’t afford an exterminator.

I’m washing, spraying with alcohol/ammonia/moth ball mixture, and vacuuming. My biggest fear is that they will spread to rest of my house and my children’s bedroom. Is it possible for me to get rid of them on my own? Please can you help me as soon as possible because I feel that I am about to have a bug induced breakdown 🙁

1 Answers

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    Hey Elda! If you have found bed bugs on your pet (and you are sure they are not fleas or other kind of pests), its critical to get rid of them as quickly as possible as they can increase in numbers over time. There is no need to panic however, it can be done on your own, provided you are diligent with the treatments and keep an eye out for further infestations.

    I have never heard of the moth ball mixture and while alcohol does work, its not really effective unless you are applying it directly to the bed bugs. I recommend getting your mattress and carpets steam cleaned (you can do this yourself, hiring a steam cleaner is usually very affordable) and make sure you wash all your linen in a hot wash. Another important task is to wash any clothes that may have been exposed to these pests. Its important to do all this at once so preferably allocate a day for these tasks. If you do this, you should be able to kill them and be bed bug free fairly quickly. There are a couple free bed bug removal guides on The Bug Squad (homepage) and I encourage you to check them out for additional information.

    Good luck!

    Bug Expert - Mar 19, 2013 |