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Any good advantage flea control reviews or experiences?

Asked by: faqmaster 3734 views Pest Control

Hi guys!

My dogs have fleas and I have decided against using natural remedies because I don’t have the patience. As a result, I have been asking around for any recommendations for different flea based products that are effective for flea removal. Before I make a decision and invest money in anything (they are very expensive in my country), I have a few things that I have to achieve. They are:

1) The product must WORK – I would like to completely get rid of any fleas that are on my dogs. I have had a few good reviews about Advantage and would like to ask if you have any experience with the brand. Currently, based on feedback from various places, it looks like this is going to be my first choice but would like to hear what you have to say about it.

2) The product must be affordable – Another reason why I am also interested in any Advantage flea reviews is because they are slightly cheaper then other brands. However, I am simply looking for something affordable and if my dog needs something more expensive and I know it will get rid of the fleas, I will buy it.

3) I would like to keep the fleas away – If possible, I need the product to have a preventative measure that will keep my dogs flea free for as long as possible. I am not too sure if this is possible but would like some advice in this regard.

Looking forward to any suggestions (especially for any advantage flea control reviews, my sister recommended them to me) on Front Line and a few others, what works for you?

2 Answers

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    My personal review and experience of Advantage flea control products is also very positive. They are a great brand and are a good option if you are not going to use Front Line and a few others like the Adams range. If you follow the instructions carefully, you are sure to have success with the treatment of your dogs.

    I am not too sure what you would call “affordable” but Advantage usually retails for about $50 and will last you awhile. Its pretty much on par (pricing wise) with other top brands so its really up to you to decide. As for keeping them away, you will need to take a proactive stance against fleas by keeping them away. Its not recommended to keep applying flea products to your dogs, even when they do not have fleas as it could make them sick.

    Hope that helps, have a good one!

    bugexpert - Dec 19, 2012 |

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    Advantage fleas is the bomb, I absolutely love this product! I have used it for the last year or two and I can vouch for its effectiveness. However, its not a single treatment type of product. In fact, I am not too sure if anything like that really exists. However, if you use it as soon as you see fleas on your dogs, it will definitely get rid of them quickly!

    coolz - Dec 19, 2012 |