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2 Answers

Does Boric acid kill fleas well?

Asked by: White 8124 views Pest Control


I want to say thank you for the website you have put on. Your website is very informative regarding pest control and such! I hope you always update about new ways to get rid of dirty insects!

Ok so I have bumped to another way (on your blog) of getting rid of the fleas by using boric acid. I researched it on a couple other sites and they say it is very acidic and dangerous to your pet but it is cheap. There is this one cat that’s been powdered by Boric and the cat nearly died of Boric poisoning. Also my dog is pregnant, is boric acid safe to use on preg dog for fleas?

My dog had already given birth to more than 10 puppies and I’m afraid boric acid will affect the delivery of her babies. One time, she had fleas when she was pregnant, we washed her with dish soap, flea shampoo and put on some flea powder. When she delivered the baby, sadly the pup didn’t survive and we were told by the vet that the powder might have slipped through any opening of the dog’s body. That was her first birth.

Anyway, does Boric acid kill fleas and is it a good alternative to pesticide? I think pesticide is much more toxic than boric acid, but who knows? I really need an expert opinion on this. I’m concerned to the safety of my boo and her soon to be babies. Many thanks and best wishes!

2 Answers

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    Hello, boric acid is great for flea removal. While it is acidic, its completely safe for your pets but it should never be directly applied to them. Boric acid can be used on your carpets and other areas, such as your pets sleeping place. While its fairly non-toxic in small amounts, I dont recommend you use it near your puppies, just to be safe 🙂

    Frank Dublio - Feb 11, 2013 |

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    I agree with Frank, small amounts of Boric acid on your carpets is an epic way to remove fleas at a very affordable price. Just get the powdered form and sprinkle it around on your couches, etc. and it will kill the adult fleas. One thing it doesn’t do however is killing the eggs so I recommend getting an IGR spray to stop them from hatching and bringing another infestation to your doors.

    Good luck!

    Bug Expert - Feb 12, 2013 |