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11 Answers

Flea Invasion and boric acid is not working!

Asked by: Lori 6921 views Pest Control

My next door neighbor recently moved out and apparently had a bit of a flea invasion awhile back so my landlord bombed the apartment next door (never telling me of the flea issue or that he was bombing).

I have NO pets but started seeing a few fleas a day about 3-4 weeks ago, at first i bought some flea spray and sprayed every inch of my house, seemed to work for about a week then i saw a few again so i bombed the house, came home and still saw 2-3 fleas that day never saw more than that in one day though, so i next went and got more flea bombs this time with IGR and was flea free for about 5 days.

I thought it was over. but once again i began to see a few fleas each day so i went out once again bought flea bombs set them off came home did all the cleanup etc and that night saw a flea already, so i began to research, i decided to try boric acid i bought some a few days ago (i have only hardwood floors) and spread it on every inch of all my floors under furniture etc and left it over 24 hours. i vacuumed it up and at first thought it worked cause i didnt see no fleas that day but the next day i started seen 2-3 a day again so i once again spread the boric acid on all my flooring etc waited a day then vacuumed it up, and i am now vacuuming 3 times daily but still seem to see at least 2 a day.

It never got bad like really infested most ive ever seen in one day is 3 what else can i do?

11 Answers

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    Hey Lori,

    Glad to hear that you are using ones with IGR, that will definitely help break the flea life cycle. Unfortunately flea bombs (the actual gas) doesn’t always reach all parts of a room and this can result in fleas going into hiding to avoid its deadly chemicals. Based on your description, this may have been what has happened.

    To sort his problem out once and for all, I highly recommend that you use borax once a day (cover ALL potential problem areas with the powder) for about a week. Sometimes a single application is not enough. Vacuum it up each day (leave it on the targeted areas for about 10-16 hours. Once this is all done, feel free to use something that contains IGR and things will get better 🙂

    Good luck!

    Bug Expert - Sep 20, 2013 |

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    Thanks! My landlord has decided to bomb/fog once again tomorrow he will be doing the empty apartment next door again I will be doing mine and he is going to do his downstairs as well as the basement, I told him about the ones with IGR but he said he gets them from a local hardware store and has used them in the past and they worked i dont know if they have IGR or not but after we are done tomorrow i will go buy some borax as you suggested and give that a try. Thanks again.

    Lori - Sep 21, 2013 |

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    Hey Lori! Its a pleasure, glad that I could be of assistance and I hope that everything works out for you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to message me again 🙂

    Bug Expert - Sep 22, 2013 |

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    Still fighting the little buggers! Its literally making me sick to my stomach at this point! We bombed on saturday (this is the 4th bomb in my apartment) but of course they where just cheap bombs without any IGR and soon as i came home that same evening i saw at least 4, I dont know what i could be possibly doing wrong. I have tried everything, Ive cleaned, vacuumed more than once a day for a week straight ive bombed 4 times once with IGR foggers ive sprayed entire apartment numerous times with IGR sprays ive used boric acid several times. I have no pets, no carpets, im not highly infested, why is it not working? Im barely eating cause im making myself sick over this with my nerves, i feel like they are constantly on me when there not i have so far seemed to keep them out of my bedroom at least for now i think anyway, ive washed all bedding clothing etc every time i have fogged, i feel like its a losing battle at this point, i now have dusted borax 20 mule on every inch of my hardwood flooring and bathroom flooring (they seem to be slightly worst in bathroom) i have no bathroom carpets anymore got rid of them the borax has been down for about a day and still seen 2 just this morning its like NOTHING kills them! We are fogging again this weekend with Zociac foggers with IGR which i used once already 2 weeks ago and it seemed to work for about a week before i seen more. Ive layed the flea traps in a few rooms at night and never catch any fleas! Im thinking of fogging my back and front hallways this time as well thinking maybe they run out into halls and return after fogging is over? I see so many others with pets get rid of these suckers easier than it seems for me i dont understand.

    Lori - Sep 23, 2013 |

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      oh i forgot to mention that after the fogging i used enforcer with IGR carpet and furniture spray on every inch of my flooring bed etc and that kept them away all night but by morning they was back and seems almost like they are worst after the treatments is that normal?

      Lori - Sep 23, 2013 |

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    Hey Lori!

    Sorry that you are still struggling with these pests, they can sometimes be a pain to get rid of. I have found that in the past, flea bombs can force fleas into hiding (meaning they will move elsewhere) to try and save themselves so yes, fogging the entire house (not just the problematic areas) is a good idea at this point.

    At the same time, I want you to find relief as soon as possible so please explore the possibilities of hiring an exterminator in your local area. I am not biased in this regard as I will not be doing the job myself but I do know that they should be able to get rid of all the fleas fairly quickly without you having to worry yourself further.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask 🙂

    Bug Expert - Sep 25, 2013 |

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    Well unfortunately i am still struggling getting rid of the fleas ugh! Since my last update I have bombed 2 more times 2 weeks apart, and still see 2 fleas a day about. I did the borax treatment twice with no results really saw fleas 2 days later. I am keeping them under control at least because the issue has not gotten worst and has gotten slightly better but still not completely gone. Im at my wits end! Cant afford an exterminator or i would call one, i did call one for pricing and advice and i am a little confused, terminix told me boric acid and borax do not work for fleas he said he knows its said that they do but he assured me they dont? He just recommended lots of vacuuming which i do 3 times daily already even though i have NO carpets i still vacuum 3 times daily including under baseboards all cracks and crevices etc and most the time i dont see any fleas in the bagless but then hours later i will see one jump out onto my ankle i dont understand? Well as of today I fogged on saturday saw a flea next morning then nothing for 24 hours hours or so and this morning saw 2 again and i have had borax down on every inch of ALL my floors which i worked in to all cracks and crevices in hardwood floors and tiles its been down since saturday night and still saw 2 fleas today? any more suggestions?

    Lori - Oct 15, 2013 |

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      Hey Lori!

      Sorry you are still struggling with fleas. I am not too sure why Terminix would say such a thing, I have personally used it (along with massive amounts of my readers) and have had excellent results. What borax brand are you using? I know that 40 mule borax is a high quality product and is fairly cheap.

      Since you are having problems with borax, I suggest that you give Diatomaceous Earth a try. It works in very much the same manner and I know it works extremely well (I often receive emails from readers thanking me for suggesting it as well). You can pick up the food grade variation for a small price. I suggest you review my article on this subject before using it to ensure that you cover all your bases.

      Good luck!

      Bug Expert - Oct 22, 2013 |

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        Hi and thanks for the reply I appreciate all your help and suggestions. I think I am finally at the end of the struggle, hopefully. I ended up leaving the borax down for 5 days then I vacuumed it all washed the floors and in a week I’ve only seen 1 flea and was able to catch it and flush it. That was 3 days ago but I’m assuming only seeing that 1 baby flea in a week is hopefully a sign they are just about gone or even gone. I am going to wait and see if I do happen to see another I plan on putting down the borax again for a few days and hopefully that will end it. But I’m feeling positive this time ill let you know the final results. Oh and I used 20 mule borax.

        Lori - Oct 22, 2013 |

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        Good news. Flea free for over a week now, think its finally over! Thanks so much for all your suggestions and help. Think putting down the borax for a few days instead of just hours or a day is what finally did it 🙂

        Lori - Oct 28, 2013 |

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    Hey Lori!

    Its a pleasure, glad you have sorted it out. I will lock this question so that others can benefit from it as well. Hope to see you back again soon 🙂


    Bug Expert - Oct 29, 2013 |