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Flea problem after using a fogger?

Asked by: Summer 6267 views Pest Control

Hi there!

I am facing a serious flea problem. I still have a flea problem after using a fogger. It did kill some, but there are lots more. We did two rooms for the fogger (just these two rooms where I got bites), we had stuff to seal the holes and doors. There are two dead ones found out side of one room, and nothing found in the other room (which has carpet).

After one day of the fogger, I got a big bite.And we notice there are still fleas in the room. (btw, the carpet room we have has many stuff in it, as a work studio, computers, clothes, tables, bookshelf, etc…) So we use fogger again in that room. And last night, I tried to put on nothing (like essential oil) on my skin, just went into that room and sit there for around 1 ~ 2 hours. I got 6 bites. The bite I got are not very big or itchy. Most of them are in pink color instead of red. They get a little itchy after a while but not as serious as before. some of the start showing more red this morning, and WE FOUND THREE FLEAS on me this morning!!! They’re the small ones, not fully growth into long legs but they would be able to jump. And I found another one while I was driving to work. It was on my sock.

I don’t know what should I do right now, I put on essential oils during night so I won’t get bites when sleeping, but my mom can’t stand for that smell so seems like she’s the next target. (she got her first bite last night in the living room)

Please help….really appreciated!

P.S: Some other things that may help you to know more about our situation. My mom recalled her first time tour in our new home, she said she got a bite but she’s not sure if that’s fleas. She didn’t really pay attention because we never have flea problems before. And we ask the agent to clean floor and carpet, (or change the carpet) he told us he did it BUT HE DIDN’T. Then we moved in, and called the carpet cleaning company to clean almost all the carpet except the studio room (because there is too much stuff). Seems like my mom’s room has no flea infection yet (the cleaning company sprayed some kind of medicine on the carpet) so last night I got one flea ran into the bathroom. And I took clothes from the studio room and my bedroom, then dressed up this morning and found four small fleas on me. I got bites too, yes.

We’re very frustrated right now, please please help… Thanks a lot!!!

1 Answers

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    One problem with using a flea bomb when there is a room full of stuff is that sometimes it drives the fleas into hiding, making the infestation even harder to get rid of. Not to say that flea foggers are not effective, its just not my preferred method of treatment.

    If I was in your shoes I would try a couple natural treatments first. Cover the floor, carpet, etc. with food grade DE (check my article on this subject on the main blog) and a few repeats, use an IGR spray to stop the flea growth cycle.

    If you want to stop those fleas from biting you, one of my readers told me that Vaseline always works to keep them away from his skin so you can give that a try, especially since its fairly odorless and won’t bother your family members.

    Hope that helps!

    Bug Expert - Sep 20, 2013 |