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Flea Treatments After Problem Has Been Solved?

Asked by: angelsparrows 4642 views Pest Control

There was a puppy visiting that been given two flea baths on the first day by the breeder who said it was too young for meds. The puppy mostly stayed in a crate but was occasionally loose downstairs. I had cleaned the crate daily. My cats almost completely avoided the puppy and stayed upstairs.

Within one week — I got a bite on my ankle in the living room, then found a flea on the puppy. I immediately bathed him and my dog, then gave them comfortis (flea pill that kills adult fleas when they bite), and also gave it to my 4 indoor cats. A few dead fleas were found after the meds–only on the puppy.

Then by the vets instructions: I sprayed the baseboards of the entire house and under furniture,  with a spray (Siphortol?) (I did not spray the open areas of carpet or furniture). I’ve vacuumed the furniture and entire house every 2-4 days since this started (six weeks ago). I also launder everything constantly. Additionally I sprayed the bedroom carpet with Sergant’s flea breeze with Nylar a week later. I am confident there are no fleas in the bedroom and pets are temporarily banned. In the yard, we used a Bayer spray, then followed up with nematodes that lived about 10 days.

A couple weeks later I applied DE with a broom in the living room carpet and furniture,  and left it 4 days. The fan was on and DE was in and on everything. Then, last week I had all furniture and carpets steam cleaned. The chemical treatments all sat a month before they were removed by the steam. I had to remove them though because they were aggravating my asthma. We’ve never seen a flea in the house, in the flea traps, or on pets. They’ve just  been re-dosed with comfortis, and cleared of fleas by the vet. The cats are getting “sponge” baths, and the dog bathed.

My paranoia of bites is propelling me to continue treating the house. All the sprays and powders have resulted with respiratory issues and a terrible cough. I may put DE in the carpets again today. It’s a shame with them all freshly cleaned. I have a big house and this is exhausting! My husband thinks that at this point I should stop, except for vacuuming/laundering weekly, since the animals are all treated.

There is no evidence of fleas, yet any time I get a mark on my skin  I freak out and go into a panic attack thinking it’s a flea bite. For example, yesterday I had a hive on my neck that lasted about an hour and a half. I had a cat that had been near my face. I am allergic to cats so it could have just been allergic reaction. My husband nor the animals seem to be getting bit, so I wonder if I’m just totally freaking out.

What are your thoughts? Should we continue the flea treatments even though there are no evidence of fleas? Should I let the pets into the bedroom?  Do you think the pets being treated will clear up any stragglers? If so, how long should I continue to treat the pets? I never needed to use anything on the animals before this. I’m hoping to get back to the flea and chemical free existence we had before this started!

Thank You..
– Beth

1 Answers

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    Hey Debbie!

    I have posted your comment as a QNA question and highlighted a few articles that I feel will be relevant in your fight against fleas, I hope that’s cool 🙂

    Personally, I think that what you have done is more than sufficient. If you just keep the house clean and tidy, treat your pets on a regular basis and keep an eye on for fleas, you will not experience another flea infestation.

    Since you are concerned about getting fleas in the house again, I actually recommend you just get yourself a monthly spot on treatment (bulk is cheap) and keep up the application of it indefinitely (or at least until you are 100% comfortable and not freaking out anymore).

    I hope that helps and thanks for your questions!


    Bug Expert - Oct 22, 2013 |