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Fleas Coming From The Bathroom?

Asked by: Kellie 12810 views Pest Control

Thank you again so much for offering your help on this forum!!

I am sure it was flea larvae on the bed because when I wiped off the cocoon/pupae, fleas came out of these. I thought I had perhaps tackled my problem last week (through a combination of natural spray, lots of vacuuming and cleaning, and topical medicine on my dog), and then I went on vacation for a week. My dog was staying at my moms, and she has remained flea free!! However, when I got home I went in first without my pup just to make sure. I checked the bed, couch, and rug. Three fleas jumped on me. So I sprayed again and left for the day. Luckily I am house sitting this week, so my flea free dog and I am somewhere flea free to stay.

I went back today to check on my flea situation. The couch and bed and rug were fine. Then I noticed that there were fleas coming from the bathroom. I was wearing light grey pants…. Within seconds my pants were covered in fleas. I can’t even describe how creepy this was. I couldn’t count them all but I am guessing that there were around 200 fleas on me. I vacuumed and sprayed the bathroom when I cleaned before my vacation! Unfortunately, my bathroom is not in great condition, and the wall has eroded in some spots, and there is no seal between the tub and the floor. (it’s an old back house with cheap rent, I don’t mind the bathroom not looking perfect, but I didn’t think about the sanitary issues of this). Could the fleas be laying eggs in the wall and under the tub and toilet?

I am afraid I may need an exterminator for this, but not only do I want to avoid chemicals, I can’t really afford an exterminator. Do you think that I should try using borax as suggested on your blog? I am at a loss on what to do, and I want to scream and cry haha. I have 5 days to take care of this until I am done house sitting and have to return home. What can I do? Thank you again so much for your help and time!!

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    Hey Kellie!

    Its a pleasure, glad that I could be of some assistance to the pest control community. 🙂

    Based on your description, I personally think that there must have been a large amount of flea eggs (female fleas can lay about 5-12 per day when a readily available food source is near) that hatched while you were on holiday. Female fleas also usually lay their eggs in a location that is fairly warm so its possible they laid them in those wall holes in your bathroom.

    Regardless, here is what I recommend. Get yourself a flea spray that contains an IGR component (your previous one may not have had this) but before you apply it, complete two treatments of borax on your carpets, floors, etc. There is an article that shows the exact steps on how to use it on my blog. After the two repeats, apply the spray and make sure that you treat your dog for fleas at the same time.

    Its important to complete all these tasks at around the same time (like over a weekend) so that there is no chance for flea reproduction.

    Let me know how that goes, looking forward to hearing from you!

    Bug Expert - Aug 30, 2013 |