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Getting flea bites without fleas, HELP!

Asked by: Cori 3127 views Pest Control

Hi there,

We just got back about a week ago from a cross-country trip with our dog. The whole trip, not one sign of any fleas … The morning after our late-night arrival, we awoke to find HUNDREDS/THOUSANDS of fleas all over our dog’s paws and belly!!! (Our vet thinks she probably got them from the last hotel we stayed in – what a dump! She had Advantix on, but it was at the end of the cycle, and therefore not as effective as usual).

So, we bathed her twice: once with regular dog shampoo, and again with flea shampoo; we washed ALL of the bedding (ours and all the animals – we have cats) and the majority of clothing in the house, vacuumed every nook and cranky of the place (and threw away the bag out of the home), treated all furniture, carpets, etc. with Sentry Household Flea and Tick Spray (claims to protect for 7 months), then put Advantix on our dog and all the cats. The next day, we took Sammi (our dog) to the vet where she got a steroid shot, antibiotics (her bites were TERRIBLE), and a pill that would “kill all living fleas on her within 4 hours” …

After a day, we only saw dead fleas. We continued to vacuum daily. After day two, we saw no sign of fleas – anywhere! We continued to be vigilant … NOW – just over a week later, my fiancé and I have been getting flea bites without fleas being seen anywhere. We have not found a single flea (none on any of our animals, either) – not even a dead one – and believe me: we are looking!!!

EDIT: I just read your post on flea eggs and diatomaceous earth, could you tell me a little more about that? We want to bomb the place, but we have 4 cats and downstairs neighbors that have two dogs and a cat – logistically, it’s near impossible for us to vacate the entire building for even 4 hours.

Any idea where we went wrong? And any advice for what our next move should be?


Thank you.


1 Answers

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    Hey Cori!

    Thanks for your question, I am going to try my best to help you!

    Based on your description, it sounds like you have put in the necessary effect to get rid of those fleas and its unfortunate that you have not reaped the results you deserve. Although you may not have found any fleas, the reason why you may have a new outbreak of baby fleas is because their eggs were not taken care of during the initial extermination process. However, do not despair, even if its some other pest (it may be mites, etc.), diatomaceous earth is a natural product (the food grade version) and it can get rid of these pests for you pretty quickly. I know that you have probably already reviewed it but have a reread and follow the exact instructions on that post.

    Additionally, make yourself a couple flea traps. I usually place them in the center of the room to check if that area has a flea problem (especially if I cannot seem to find them).

    Let me know how that goes, looking forward to hearing from you!


    Bug Expert - Sep 19, 2013 |