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Home remedies to get rid of fleas?

Asked by: okfine 14398 views Pest Control

ADMIN: “Taken from the guide that discusses “home remedies to get rid of fleas” on the official blog”

I’ve been dealing with a flea infestation from hell. My son moved in with us in June. He brought his big lab that had not been treated for fleas. He also has 2 cats also untreated but they were not allowed in the house. He insisted his dog only had “dry skin”. Now in October the nightmare began.

What started this was rats. On the one side of me was a horrible neighbor with a very tall fence. When he got evicted he tore down the fence revealing hundreds of pounds of raw garbage. My husband hauled all the garbage to the dump after the neighbor moved …garbage that had been feeding enormous rats. The rats then scattered the neighborhood. My son who at the time was living on the other side of me had his dog and two cats. The cats began killing the rats and would leave them as gifts on his porch. When my son moved in with us his cats continued to kill rats but now they were leaving them on MY back porch which was also where they sleep and where the dog would lay a lot during the day.

By October my house was crawling with fleas! Especially my son’s rooom. Of course we bombed the whole house only to discover that unless you have a flea bomb that also kills bed bugs you will be wasting your time. You HAVE to have a product with NYLAR or an IGR that interrupts the fleas growth. And even then…Most foggers only hold 2 ounces and only spray at a °360 angle. This means they do NOT reach corners and they do NOT get UNDER things like book cases and furnishings that are snug with the floor or things in your closet that lay flat.They also don’t manage to get BETWEEN a box spring and mattress.

We closed off my son’s room where the dog would also sleep at night and bombed twice. There were STILL fleas! I finally made my husband and son MOVE the book cases. The floor (carpeting) was BLACK with live fleas under these places! Even AFTER having bombed that room. We used knockout from the vet AND lemon essential oil about 20 drops mixed with vodka to kill them. Vodka because the smell dissapates where rubbing alcohol won’t I also didn’t want to use water as a carrier for the essential oil because it would add moisture to the room and fleas like that. So we managed to knock down the worst of it…but still there were fleas hatching.

I finally called the Orkin man. They use an IGR…they DO NOT hit every surface of your floors. They claim 90% is good enough. Really? Well while waiting for their product to work I was still getting bit. Unmercifully. So I just kept doing my research on how to remove these little creatures from hell once and for all. This is what I discovered. You CAN kill them by dehydration. Eggs..larva..pupa..and adults! I bought a dehumidifier (about $200) at LOWES hardware and a gauge (about $9) . Now if you have a room with an infestation you can vacate for 3 or 4 days…this is like a miracle! Take your plants out of the room…anything that could cause a spark…..I even removed my emergency oil lamp to be on the safe side. Put the dehumidifier in the room…turn it on high…put the gauge you bought by the door so you can take a quick peak at the humidity level. Put SOMETHING under the door to keep air from the other rooms from coming into the room you’re trying to kill fleas in. I cut a piece of hose insulation to fit and shoved under there. A “swim” noodle would work great too! Now depending on how much humidity you have in that room to start with depends on how long this will take. You will have to be sure to empty the container in the humidifier..3-4 times a day. When your humidity monitor reaches 20% keep it the dehumidifier running for 3 days. Keep the room closed up except to empty the dehumidifier. That room will get bone dry…the carpet will even feel crunchy…That air is killing EVERYTHING by dehydration! So far since we’ve done this we haven’t had even one flea in that room! But be cautious you are making an absolute bone dry room for 3 days! Afterwords that crunchy feeling goes away…the room is back to around 50%-53% humidity with still no fleas!

Obviously you can’t do an entire house this way at once ( you couldn’t live in it) plus you’d have to be really careful about everything that could cause a fire hazard. The other thing I did to hurry along the hatching proceeds in the rest of the house ( pupa stage) was vibration. Yes vacuuming is great. But where I would get 6–12 fleas in my see through vacuum canister (yes I took a head count after vacuuming each room) I knew there were still more. My son’s dog loved to lay in the dining room by the air conditioner…so if vibration is what they like to hatch…that’s what they get. I took my husbands palm sander..attached a heavy duty extension cord…pull it across the floor back and forth BEFORE vacuuming. (No sand paper) Where I had just vacuumed and gotten 6-12 fleas I now had HUNDREDS in the canister!!! Live hopping fleas!….

After bombing…the Orkin man..borax…salt…you name it…This is working to hatch these little suckers out! What’s left SHOULD die by way of the IGR still on the carpet. Yesterday in the rest of the house I hadn’t been able to dehumidify I found a total of 8 live fleas……light at the end of a very long tunnel!

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    Thanks for your comment and all the fantastic details (and tips) you have shared, we all really appreciate it.

    I especially enjoyed your experience (and success) using a dehumidifier. I have never even thought of using such a tactic and based on your description, it seems to have yielded fantastic results so I will definitely try it in the future (and point others towards it).

    I am pretty much that your story will encourage everyone who reads it (including myself) to keep up the battle against fleas because you will win so thanks again for sharing it. As a matter of interest, have you tried using food grade Diatomaceous Earth? I think it would be a great addition to your flea fighting efforts and I encourage you to check it out.



    Bug Expert - Nov 21, 2013 |