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How do I kill these bed bugs permanently?

Asked by: Kami 4783 views Pest Control

ADMIN: “This comment was taken from the “how to get rid of bed bugs” article on the official blog”

Last September, my brother in law came to stay with us. He had been staying in a cheep motel. When he left in January, I went in to clean the room, pulled back the covers and saw several good sized bugs that I identified as bed bugs (just like the pics on internet). I was so grossed out.

After searching the whole room, we saw that one corner of the box springs had bugs and eggs. we also found a few here and there around the room. We got rid of the whole bed and bedding. We sprayed alcohol and put down DE. Since we don’t really need the room, we just went in occasionally to see if we could find anything.

About three months ago I started getting what I thought were hives. I did think that it could be bedbugs but never saw any. My “hives” were terrible, literally dozens at a time and the itched intensely. I finally notices blood marks on my pillow so we tore the room apart and sure enough they were living behind the head board. We got rid of the box spring, frame, and head board but are keeping the mattress since it has no signs of BBs.

We bought a encasement for it. We totally covered the whole room in DE, washed all clothes and steamed the dressers and mattress. We have been sleeping in the living room on an air mattress with sleeping bags that I washed at the laundry mat. All was fine as far as bites go until I woke up this morning with three bites on my leg.

I can’t imagine where the BB came from. I have steamed the couches etc. and have not seen a single sign of BB so I am at a loss. What a nightmare. How do I kill these bed bugs permanently? I’d like to just burn my whole house down!!

1 Answers

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    Hey Kami! Sorry to hear that you have a bit of a bed bug infestation in your house. Based on your description, it is possible that those bites you experienced were from another insect because the steps you took should have killed those bed bugs in your bedroom.

    Do you have pets? Its possible that you have experienced a flea bite and had a bit of an allergic reaction. Alternatively, it could be dust mites that are causing an adverse reaction on your skin. Regardless, if its affecting your quality of life and you have taken reasonable steps to combat the problem yourself without success, I recommend calling an exterminator in your area and asking them for a free quote to sort it out for you. If you like, just drop me a message and I will try and find a reputable one in your area.

    Hope that helps!

    Bug Expert - Oct 24, 2013 |