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How do you destroy fruit flies in the home?

Asked by: megs 4865 views Pest Control

ADMIN: “This was taken from the article about “getting rid of fruit flies” on the official blog”

Like many other posters, I am having trouble finding their “home”. Since I am rarely home I don’t have many groceries to begin with and keep everything in the fridge anyway. Except dry foods. I threw away all my vinegars except a very expensive one that is cork sealed with a plastic top like expensive vodka (I guess I should see if it’s ok to refrigerate vinegar?) and my sugar, spices, flour type goods are in sealed jars, except the cake flour, the other cupboard is tea bags.

I have thoroughly cleaned every surface, and sink drains, dishwasher cycled with a bit of bleach, tossed sponges and only using paper towels now (ugh too $$) and soaked my trash can in a bleach bath in the tub. I rewashed all towels and micro fiber hand-dish-wash dryer thing in hot bleach cycle. I caught on avg 4-8 flies in 2 apple & peach vinegar traps (if I have to toss something is expensive I might as well put it to work right). And when I saw when flying around my sofa I was really *** annoyed.

I put a trap near the sliding door (which I haven’t opened since) and trapped 10. Clearly my hibiscus trees were the major culprit ??, so I went to the nursery and bought the recommended treatment. I still haven’t opened my door because apparently they can fit through the screen – except to treat the trees by quickly squeezing thru the door to get out, 10 days now, but keep slider closed. And then I see 2 flying around my kitchen today!

Did the scrub down again and got online and found your blog. I’m at wits end, could it be my spices, Cake flour is finely milled flour but closed box, vanilla & other extracts, olive oil?

I can’t afford to toss everything but I don’t know where else to look for breeding grounds. And it sucks to keep the nice crisp fall air out but I don’t want to risk it.

Please, Bug Squad, or readers, any thoughts, advice, help!! How do you destroy fruit flies in the home??

1 Answers

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    Hey Meg!

    Based on your description, it sounds like those pesky fruit flies are coming in from outside (their food source is probably outside as well) and are simply seeking shelter from the elements in your home. This can make things difficult and my first guess would be a nearby rubbish source; do you keep your outside bins a good distance from the house?

    As for the hibiscus trees, I have never heard of them attacking those plants before but I suppose that doesn’t mean its impossible. Your bet bet would be to get a finely spaced insect net for your windows. That way you can leave them open while you try and sort out these pests. You can also try an insect spray that contains chemicals that specifically kill fruit flies. Just be careful where you spray it of course as fruit flies often hang around food.

    Looking forward to your response.


    Bug Expert - Oct 29, 2013 |