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How to prevent bed bugs from living in my sofa

Asked by: cherry 5818 views Pest Control

ADMIN: “This was taken from the “how to prevent bed bugs” article on the official blog”

I noticed after much research that I had a bed bug problem. That was 1.5 years ago when I spotted a couple of bugs actually on my bed and my boyfriend getting bitten and breaking out.

After researching the internet very well, I inspected my mattress and there they were in a clutter on his side of the bed and a few on top . I laid down a white sheet just in the case that if anything fell I could see it. I had a small hand held cleaning steamer but did not want to use it on the mattress. I did get a spray bottle and put 91% alcohol in it and sprayed the mattress and all seams and crevices. The bugs died immediately. I purchased a cheap bucket with the vaccum head attached at home depot and used it. I PROPERLY disposed of it. I got a thick plastic mattress cover and I carefully duct taped any holes in the already covered box spring. I used my steamer around baseboards. I then used my steamer carpet cleaner and filled it with alcohol and water only and cleaned the carpet. The solution and steam killed the bugs because I saw them in the collection container. I did this process several times (well ventilated, of course) I washed all material items and dried them several times.

Initially in my dryer from the sheets , I found 3 bugs in the lint trap dead. Progressively I did this in each room. I never saw evidence in any other room and I clean and check the beds on a regular basis. I have had no evidence of any bugs for 1.5 years and it has been a relief!

Now about a week ago, we saw a bug on the sofa and then another one, we killed them and they had blood and again my boyfriend broke out from the bites. We have noticed no other bigger ones but if we very carefully watch we see 2-3 very, very small movements and kill them. I am afraid that we have another issue. We spray and try to be very careful about transferring from that area.

I am so frustrated because in comparison the bed problem was fairly easy to see and deal with but the sofa is a different story as you know. I fear to think of what could be in there and I am not sure how to isolate and treat it. I know that it is extremely important to take care of this problem as soon as noticed but I don’t know how. I cant afford another sofa nor an exterminator. Do you have any advice? I ordered some DE food grade to put around the house but the sofa really scares me.

1 Answers

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    Hey Cherry!

    My recommendation is that you use the steamer on your sofa. I presume that its not leather (don’t use hot steam on this) so it will work well. It will be best if you dedicate at least 20-30 minutes to do it properly and if possible, remove the actual seat cushions and strip it down.

    As it seems you know, the extreme heat kills these insects fast and will not leave any chemical residue or smells around your home. It seems that you have your bedroom under control so just do the steaming of the couches and you should be fine. Don’t forget to wash any clothes, etc. that may have come into contact with those bed bugs.

    Good luck!

    Bug Expert - Oct 26, 2013 |