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I have fleas but no pets! Please help?!

Asked by: faqmaster 4439 views Pest Control

I recently found a number of fleas around the house. One was even biting my child and I want to get rid of them asap. However, what concerns me is that I don’t even have any pets, how its it possible to get fleas without them? I did a little bit of research and I found out that fleas often come from long grass and that doing a yard freeze will help the situation because fleas can’t stand the cold. Is this true and will this process work?

Lastly, since these fleas have somehow made their way into my home, I am rather concerned about my safety but cannot afford to purchase any expensive treatments or hire an exterminator. Is it possible to have fleas but no pets? Do you have any suggestions on what I can do in this regard? Thanks 🙂


2 Answers

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    Hey! Fleas are able to find their way into homes even without the assistance of pets and other animals. Based on my experience, fleas have a habit of infesting long glass like you mentioned, especially in shady areas around your yard. If you have some major overgrowth or its been awhile since you trimmed and neatened up your garden, I highly recommend doing it as that is probably the source of your flea problem.

    Yard freezes do work but rather visit your local home and garden store and ask for an outside flea spray. I know that you are on a budget but they are usually very affordable. You usually mix them in a solution of water and apply it yourself. As for the fleas inside, you can visit the homepage of The Bug Squad for a very effective guide on how to naturally get rid of them. Don’t forget that you can ask any questions if you are confused about any of the steps!

    Bug Expert - Nov 14, 2012 |

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    Something that you can do right away is to vacuum the entire house (ideally with a water based one) and place a flea collar in the bag. I learnt this little tip from my wife and it works well! There are also a number of flea sprays that you can use that are good.

    andrew - Dec 11, 2012 |