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Longstanding flea problem with my cat

Asked by: Kimberley 3114 views Pest Control

I’ve had a longstanding flea problem with my cat, Lysander, 10 months ago. I treat him with frontline as soon as i see the first sign of flea muck on him and as a result have only ever seen a couple of fleas on him and never any in my home. He usually needs it a few days before the five week treatment cycle i use. However, this time it doesnt seem to have worked. I treated him just over two weeks ago and even at the time was concerned about the application of it. He has very thick fur and its tricky to see any skin underneath to put it on. I wasnt convinced it hadnt all soaked into his fur and am not sure if this is still as effective? And now, two weeks later, for the first time, the flea problem has gotten worse as opposed to being immediately fixed. Do you think I should use diatomaceous earth on my carpets (linked from your blog) at the same time?

I was seeing his vet on a separate issue last week and he gave me a different brand that will also kill any eggs in my home and said to give it “another couple of weeks” before application, but Zan is getting increasingly upset and this morning i found he’s scratched across his face in the night. What do you think would be the absolute soonest i can apply the new treatment? He gets awfully clingy with me when hes upset and its getting harder to do nothing besides manually removing individual fleas, which, again, due to his thick fur is almost impossible!

Its also worth mentioning that hes an indoor cat, and i don’t really have any money to buy further products. Things are pretty tight at the moment and it broke the bank getting him the Stronghold! So yes, if i last treated him on Sunday 28th of July, when is the earliest i can apply the new treatment?


1 Answers

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    Hey Kimberley!

    While its not the same for everyone, I have personally found (along with a large number of the community) that sometimes fleas seem to become immune to certain types of treatment and this seems to be the same situation in your case. It doesn’t mean that Frontline isn’t a good product. However, I recommend trying an alternative, such as Advantage and let me know how that works for you.

    Its very important to place the spot on treatment on your pets skin, not just on the fur. You can ensure this happens by parting the fur and placing it where appropriate. As for killing the fleas in your home, I presume that it was a completely separate product (not going to be used on your pet)? Diatomaceous earth will definitely help get rid of those fleas in your home. Its completely natural, safe and very effective for fleas. Let me know if you have any further queries 🙂

    Bug Expert - Aug 24, 2013 |