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I think we have a flea problem but not sure

Asked by: Ali 3081 views Pest Control

ADMIN: “Taken from the guide that discusses different “flea bite remedies” on the official blog”

Hi Natasha,

I have another question. My poodle is all black so it’s really hard to determine whats on his fur. I have noticed that he has a lot of brownish things stuck on him mainly on his fur and on his legs, they look like scabs.  Could this be the dead fleas or stuff they leave behind? I’m going crazy trying to determine whats biting us and how to get rid of them. I would take him to the vet but it’s just not in my budget right now.

If it is fleas I want to use DE to treat my home but I’m afraid it will hurt my dog. I read you don’t recommend it if you have small dogs. My dog is small he is only 5 lbs.  What else could I do? This is my first dog ever so I’m extremely overwhelmed with this situation. Does this sound like a serious flea problem? 🙁

Also as I was reading some of your QNAs and articles, I noticed you said that we can’t get tapeworm from flea bites , is that true? I was reading a few websites that say the opposite. What is your knowledge on this subject. I really trust your information so I would like to know what you know. Thank you,


2 Answers

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    Hey Ali! I have just finished answering your previous question, lets see if I can assist you with this one as well. 🙂

    First of all, the brown stuff you see if probably flea dirt. Place it on a white piece of paper and apply a little bit of water to it, if it turns a reddish brown then its definitely the dirt from fleas. Its nothing to worry about, the dirt isn’t dangerous or anything, its just a sign that fleas are present, even if you cannot initially see any adult ones jumping about.

    Since your dog is very small, don’t use DE or borax (even though he should be fine) when he is in the house. However, when using Diatomaceous Earth is still recommended, just keep him out the house for 4-6 hours and after that, vacuum it up properly. If you repeat this process in the places where you are finding fleas (carpets, etc.), you will kill those fleas.

    Lastly, those other websites are wrong, fleas do not transmit tapeworm if they bite your pet. However, its possible for them to carry tapeworm and if your pet accidentally swallows one (while scratching or whatever), it will contract tapeworm.

    Hope that helps, don’t forget to share this info (especially about the tapeworm thing) with your friends and family so they can also benefit from it 🙂

    Bug Expert - Jul 25, 2013 |

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    Thank you for answering my questions. It is flea dirt on my dog I think the flea med worked. I don’t see as much flea dirt on him today as I did before. But I have new flea bites today so the eggs must be coming out. I haven’t done the DE treatment yet but I guess Im going to have to soon. Thank again for your help.

    Ali - Jul 28, 2013 |