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2 Answers

Tiny Black bugs

Asked by: Kristen 4072 views Pest Control

A horde of tiny black bugs appeared in my apartment overnight. They were surrounding the sliding door to my balcony, covering my avocado plant, and surrounding the washing machine and entertainment system.

While they were moving a lot when I first noticed them they seemed to stand still when they detected my presence. They weren’t flying and they were too small for me to tell if they had wings. I haven’t seen any of these bugs previously, and have never had this kind of problem.

So far I’ve bleached the drains and sprayed lysol on all the floors/doors. I’m sure I didn’t get all of them, so what do I do now? Help!

2 Answers

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    They might have been black ants? I know that you might have recognized them then but in some countries they can get rather big. Anyways, just an idea that might be worth looking at 🙂

    Supra - Feb 19, 2013 |

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    Hey! Yeah it sounds like ants to me, perhaps a species of ants at least. However, a couple months back i had a Aphid problem and while they are usually green, they are known to have a number of different colors and they are also often small.

    If your problem is Aphids, treating your drains isnt going to do anything. Just take a dishwash soap mixture with water and use it on your plants, it works well and is super cheap. Otherwise a poison should work but its really not necessary lol. Hope that helps!

    Jason Webster - Feb 25, 2013 |