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Treating my cat for fleas and need some help

Asked by: Rhianna 4980 views Pest Control

ADMIN: “This was taken from the “cat flea treatment” article on the official blog”


I have tried to read your advice pretty thoroughly, but I haven’t found how much dawn to water ratio to use when treating my cat for fleas. Please can you share this with me?

I recently moved to a new area and after trying a couple of drop treatments that haven’t worked I don’t want to use anymore chemicals on the cats for at least a month. The fleas seemed to go away for a couple of days each time, but now have returned with a vengeance, again only after a few days.

This may seem silly, but I have never tried to bathe my cats, and the horror stories that I have heard have definitely eliminated any inclination I may have had. How do I go about doing it? Should I just have soapy water ready and dunk them in? Do I need to lather for a certain amount of time to ensure that the fleas are dead?

Should I DE my apartment first, or bathe the cats first? And as they do sleep on my bed, washing all the bedding and putting DE on the bed should be enough? Or should I put DE on the bedding to kill what’s there until it’s washed? Also, should I vacuum out the DE from the bed the same as the rest of the house? Or just leave it. And should I sprinkle DE on each side of my couch cushions?

I don’t know how bad the infestation is, I don’t see fleas around my feet but today, for the first time there was two on me, and I’d rather take the extra effort and eliminate them. Also, how thoroughly do I need to DE spaces like closets? We have three carpeted closets that have a lot of junk on the floors, but the cats have access to and sleep in them. Should I move everything off the carpets to DE? Or should I just concentrate on what’s easily exposed?

Thank you so much!

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    Hey Rhianna,

    I will try and answer all your questions in order so I don’t miss anything. First of all, I usually mix about 3-4 liters of warm water with a couple squirts of the soap, there is not an exact science to it, just make the water soapy.

    I usually get the soapy water ready and you will might need to have someone help you as cats can get rather upset about this process lol. I usually lather it rather well so that the soap covers all the fur and actually reaches the skin, this ensures all the fleas die.

    You can DE the entire house without any worry. This includes the bedroom, couches, etc. as its completely safe and works very well for fleas. Just apply it carefully as it can be a bit messy. Try and reach all areas as fleas will only die if they actually come into contact with the powder and vacuum it up after about 24 hours.

    I would clear everything up during the process. To be honest, while I would suggest doing everything at the same time, perhaps DE a room and while keeping the cats out of it, see how it works for you. Then you can make a decision from there 🙂

    Good luck!

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