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Quick treatment for bed bugs and their bites?

Asked by: cassie 4868 views Pest Control

ADMIN: “This was taken from the article about the “treatment of bed bug bites” on the official blog”

I have been battling bed bugs for a LONG time now. We live in a small, crappy, cheap apartment and with that type of place you get people that move in and move out quickly. Many are poor like me and will take whatever furniture they can fine, including old mattresses. Of course, the bugs may have been brought in some other way, but I greatly suspect this is the main reason. Because it’s an apartment complex we may get rid of them in ours, but unless they are taken care of in all the apartments it doesn’t matter. You see old furniture and mattresses by the dumpsters almost on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately too, I am one of those few that are allergic to the bites. Not in a medical emergency way, but the bites become huge welts and hurt terribly. Once the swelling has gone down (which can take weeks if I can’t stop scratching) I still have a slightly itchy mark for months. I have compared this to the very few times my husband has been bitten. They prefer me. For him, it’s just a little red dot that itches for a very short time and then he’s good to go.

We use a bed bug mattress cover (we bought it and put it on the mattress the day we brought it home), various sprays, and DE. Unfortunately the bed is surrounded by DE and I woke up this morning from being bitten twice, and I caught the attacker. This was a full grown adult bed bug. I could have gotten several more hours of sleep, but now I’m tearing the bedroom apart and spraying and placing more DE. I don’t want to go through all the sleepless nights like I did when we first discovered we had bed bugs. If we could move we would, after thoroughly treating everything we can.

Telling the landlord just gets the “bug guys” to come spray two little lines of stuff they say will take care of it, but when asked they don’t know if it’s safe for pets to be around. I’ve even noticed one of my cats has been bitten.

We are clean people. I clean every day in rotation of the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. It’s a tiny place so doesn’t take long. What is the best treatment for bed bugs and their bites?

Please can you assist?

1 Answers

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    Hey Cassie!

    Sorry to hear about your bed bug problem. However, it seems that you are doing the right think with DE, it works very well and if you keep using it (including under your sheets), you will kill those pests. Please feel free to keep me updated with your progress and I will help you where I can 🙂

    As for those bites, I recommend placing a little bit of pure lemon juice on the bites. This takes away the itchiness pretty quickly and its both natural and affordable. Also, you can try using borax for your carpets as it can also kill bed bugs pretty quickly. Lastly, make sure you watch all your linen on a regular basis while you are getting rid of these insects.

    Hope that helps!


    Bug Expert - Nov 16, 2013 |