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Question about using borax powder for fleas?

Asked by: Carrie 5424 views Pest Control

ADMIN: “This was taken from the “borax flea powder” article on the official blog”

Hi there!

Thanks so much for the Borox insight- I am going to try it tomorrow- very very desperate at this point. Feel like I’ve been battling this issue forever.

Briefly watched some non-social cats for a “friend” only to find out after they left that they had brought in fleas with them. I have fogged the house multiple time, with various brands, put down so much DE, baking soda, and brand name carpet stuff, as well as cleaning the carpets multiple times.

The issue seems to wax and wane, never completely disappearing. As I am the only source of food in the house for them it is pretty obnoxious. I’ve washed all my clothes, bedding, replaced a mattress, tossed out area rugs and pillows. Done the whole bit. I gave up showers in favor of baths, and I see what feels like most of the flea life cycle as I drain the water. I also have tried garlic pills and eating garlic, as well as wearing lavender, or citrus scents…

I’ve given up wearing white socks to walk around the carpets to check the level of the issue, simply because it seems like a never ending plague .. I’ve also go several of the light traps going, but don’t seem to catch anything . Completely understand the other person’s comment about wanting to blow up their house. I’ve even gone as far as fogging my car (numerous times) getting it detailed …

I am going to use borax powder for fleas next. Not sure what to do next if borax fails me. I’ve actually considered trying to find a method of rapidly dropping the temperature to drastic levels to attempt to kill them, like with dry ice or something, since cranking the aircon made them sluggish but did not address the issue in the long term.

Sorry about the length and detail of this- not a topic that is easily broached with others.

1 Answers

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    Hey Carrie!

    Thanks for leaving a question on my blog and sorry to hear that you have a bit of a flea problem on your hands.

    Let me put it this way, I have personally used borax and have experienced excellent results. I also enjoy the fact that its safe to use around the house and doesn’t put my pets and my family at risk. I am pretty damn sure that you are going to get some decent results and I encourage you to give it a try and get back to me if you have any other questions.

    As for the freezing and heating, don’t waste your time. The only way fleas will die from temperature is if its extremely hot, such as steam from a handheld steamer.

    Good luck!

    Bug Expert - Oct 28, 2013 |