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What is flea dirt I found on my pets?

Asked by: faqmaster 3544 views Pest Control

The last time I ever had a dog was when I was around 6 years old, and that dog died after just a year due to an accident as he got hit by a car as he was running across the street, and soon after that I never took in another pet as I grew up. It is only now that I am 21 years old where I decided that I wanted to have another pet to take care of, and I chose a Labrador to be my dog buddy.

He is now with me for almost a year now, and he is really such a joy to be with as he would run with me every morning when I am jogging, and he would also lie down in the foot of my bed at night. But since this was the first time in a while that I had another dog to take care of, I really did not know things like taking care of the fur, or even the things needed to help take care of my own dog.

Like when I first saw these dark patches in his belly, I thought it was normal and did not mind it. But it got worse and then I would notice that my dog would really be scratching more often than not, and this made me worry a bit because I knew this might be some condition that he has. I have tried washing him with dog shampoos almost daily, and though the dark patches would disappear after that, every so often a new one appears in some other places, though not as severe as the first one I removed by washing.

This is now bothering me, and I don’t know any veterinarian in my area, and I actually don’t have a car to bring him to the vet in any case. A friend showed me your article on flea dirt, do you think that its that and should I be concerned? I really am worried that this might get worse and bring me back the memories when I was young when my first dog died. It was traumatic then, and I don’t want this to happen to my new buddy now. So what is flea dirt and is this a severe situation where I would really need to bring the dog to the vet?

3 Answers

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    Flea dirt is as the word says it, it is dirt, crap, straight from fleas. This is going to be a real problem if you disregard this, but don’t be worried, this is a natural thing for dogs too, but you just need to control them. The patches and flea dirts will disappear too once you start using the medications and shampoos for dogs. If it persists even with these solutions, then it is time to take the dog to the vet.

    Dorothy West - Feb 26, 2013 |

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    The patches you see are already evidence of fleas. These fleas, even if they are just numbering a few, can put out so much waste, hence the patches called flea dirts you see. Believe me its good to bring in a vet in this one and in the meantime if you can start it, use anti flea and tick soaps or shampoo, like Adventix for example. This will help arrest the fleas and the vet will check to make sure there will be no further ones remaining to trouble your dog.

    Anton De Beer - Feb 27, 2013 |

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    You need not worry, it is not as dangerous as it sounds, and it will only be a problem if in case it gets to the face and ears of the dogs, but that is reserved for the extreme of cases. This is also easily addressed using dog specific shampoos like Adventix which is laden with parasiticides for these fleas, ticks, worms, and so much more. This usually does the trick, and no more flea dirts after using them.

    Douglas Grant - Feb 28, 2013 |