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What is the best flea fogger that I should buy?

Asked by: faqmaster 11497 views Pest Control

I currently have a fairly bad flea problem at my house and its starting to get out of hand. I have a couple pets (two dogs and a small cat) and I spent an absolute fortune on various products but the good news is that I have finally managed to get rid of the fleas that were troubling them. However, in the past I have had similar success but then had another infestation a couple weeks later and based on your guides on your blog, it seems that its because of flea eggs that were left behind in carpets, etc that later hatched. Is that correct?

Anyways, I will try a few natural methods but since I work such long hours I have decided to purchase the best flea fogger and I just want to make sure that it’s the best as they are also fairly expensive. I don’t mind spending the money as long as I know that it will work to get these damn fleas out of my house and my life. Based on your experience and your post on these insect bombs, what is the best flea flogger to purchase that has worked for you in the past?

Thanks a mil!

1 Answers

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    I feel your pain! It seems that flea products, despite their effectiveness, are getting more and more expensive and my pets get fleas when I have the least amount of expendable income lol. Anyways, to answer your question about the flea eggs, that is 100% correct. If you don’t use something that contains IGR and you have flea eggs in your home (usually in the carpet, bedding, etc), they will hatch and you will have a flea problem again, definitely not cool!

    I hope that you decide to try the natural stuff as its very effective. Perhaps consider using a steamer on your carpets and other areas of your home (like your bedroom) as a good flea removal method. However, if you decide to use a product, I have found that RAID is decent so go to your nearest vet or supermarket and see if they have any in stock. Just make sure that your pets are not inside when you let the things off!

    bugexpert - Dec 11, 2012 |