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Where are Phorid flies coming from?

Asked by: EM 10178 views Pest Control

I had a terrible, torturous phorid fly infestation (nightmare) for a number of months. No one could figure out where they came from or why they suddenly appeared.

I thought they might be from my drains, so I poured various entomologist-recommended bacterial drain cleaners down them for a long time. It made no difference. But when the weather turned colder they went away.

I guess my question is: If they go away in the colder weather and arrive in the warmer weather, then what does that say about where they are coming from?

Because they aren’t coming from my drains, fridge, vents, door, or windows. And I never, ever leave out garbage or food.

It just doesn’t make any sense to me!

I know they will come back in warmer weather, and I just wish I knew how to stop that from happening!

FYI, I live on the second floor in an apartment in the Dallas area.

Can anyone help me understand?

Thank you!

1 Answers

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    Hey EM! Thanks for taking the time to place your question on The Bug Squad!

    Phorid flies usually are present when there are is a serious plumbing issue or there is sewers or the like nearby. Since you have been using bacterial drain cleaners, that’s a very good start but unfortunately there is often more that’s required as those sort of things usually only clean inside the pipe itself.

    Based on experience, a broken sewerage pipe may have caused contaminated matter to “leak” out and become a target for Phorid flies. This can be caused by tree roots or may even just be a result of an old septic tank or aged pipes. These little pests can thrive under the ground and increase their numbers until an exit to the surface is discovered (or created) and then you suddenly have hundreds of them flying around.

    Since you live in an apartment on the second floor, its possible that they are coming from the garden in the places outlined above. I recommend contacting your landlord and asking him to take a look at the problem. Its very important that you get rid of these asap because they feed on all kinds of nasty stuff that is heavy in often dangerous bacteria and can pose a health risk to you and your family.

    As for them appearing during the warmer weather, these pests are more active when its hotter and like most insects, their life reproduction cycle (from eggs to larvae, etc) is actually shortened which means that their population can raise quickly. Its also possible that if it rains a lot during your summer seasons, it exposes this area where phorid flies have been quietly building their army and they invade your home as soon as they are “set free”

    I hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions and I would love to assist you further.

    bugexpert - Dec 17, 2012 |