Insects In Frightening Proportions – Swarms That Destroy

Beginning with the locust swarms described in the Bible, accounting for one of the deadlier plagues to strike ancient Egypt, insect swarms have been an intriguing and particularly lethal aspect of Mother Nature. Witnessing swarms of insects on a large scale from the inside out can be a truly frightening experience that elicits apocalyptic thoughts. […]

You Are What You Eat – Pest Control in Restaurants

It’s your typical Tuesday afternoon lunch rush hour. Your customer walks into a restaurant. She breathes in deeply to smell the richness of the flavors in the air – the baked bread, the bubbling soups, the sugary desserts. She asks to be seated and she begins to look at the menu. And then, out of […]

Cockroach vs Nuclear Explosion

It is common understanding that in the aftermath of a nuclear war, cockroaches will inherit the world. But is it actually true? Cockroaches are known for their durability and adaptability – it’s what makes them such an annoying pest. Anyone who has had a cockroach infestation in their home could reasonably believe that a cockroach […]

Winter Pest Control – Best Ways To Keep Bugs From Bugging You!

They’re creepy and kooky – but nowhere near as endearing as the Addams Family. I’m talking about all the multi-legged critters eager to take up residence in your home, RV camper or other off-limits areas during the cool fall and winter months. From ants hitchhiking on your firewood to spiders hiding out in your shoes […]

Pest Control Tips After Storm Or Flood Damage

The severe weather created by Hurricane Sandy left many homes damaged from the storms and depending on where people were living, many experienced fairly bad flooding. One effect from the storm damage, and especially the severe flooding, is the increase of pests and other unwanted wild animals in and around homes. The main thing to […]

Honeybee Infestation – What Can Bee Done?

A honeybee infestation is a different type of pest problem. While honeybees are beneficial to the environment, they can create health risks and structural damage when nesting inside roof eaves or the voids of a wall. Honeybees are generally docile when they do not have a nest to protect, but once honeycomb is established they […]

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