Certified Expert Reviewers

The accuracy of my content is very important to me, and as such, I often recruit the help of certified experts to help verify facts in my guides. This page will keep updated on a regular basis as I find more people who are interested in reviewing my pest articles.

The goal for The Bug Squad has always been to provide content that is not only enjoyable to read, but is also accurate and trustworthy. To achieve this, in addition to doing thorough research and backing up statements with reliable reference material, I also recruit the help of qualified experts to help make sure of the facts in my guides. In the end, I want you to trust what you are reading, and this is an excellent way to make sure of that.

The people listed below represent the pool of expertise that is used for verifying the accuracy of my content, but they are not all used for every guide that is written. Instead, depending on what type of facts that need to be verified, I will use 1-3 of them and reference their involvement at the top of each article (just below the article title). If you are certified and want to be paid for your time, please contact me to join this review team.

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