Why Flea Eggs Must Be Destroyed Before They Hatch

Summary: Dealing with flea eggs is a critical part of removing fleas from your home. In fact, if the eggs are not removed, you will have another flea infestation within a couple weeks! After giving your carpets a good vacuum, make sure that your flea product of choice contains IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) to stop their eggs from hatching.

Since a female flea can lay about 40 eggs per day, a few case studies have shown that for each flea you find, there are an estimated 120 eggs (or a further stage of the flea development cycle) around your home or garden. Your efforts to combat fleas will be useless if you don’t stop the flea life cycle. Before we look at the removal process, what do these eggs look like on your pets and other places in your house?

What Do Flea Eggs Look like?

While fleas don’t always come from pets, usually a flea problem starts with them so they may require an immediate inspection. Can you see fleas or their eggs? Well since they are very small, they can often be rather hard to find. These eggs are about 0.4mm in size and are completely white and sometimes slightly see-through. I personally think that they look like little grains of salt but I have heard a few people say it looks like dandruff. One of the most common mistakes is confusing flea dirt for these eggs. Always remember that this dirt is often a sign of fleas as it contains their feces. However, these are not eggs! Their eggs also don’t stick to animal fur (or any surfaces for that matter) and this allows them to fall off rather easily and land in your carpets, couches, bedding and other concealed places. Also, if your pet does have fleas, chances are that he or she will be scratching the bite marks as they are very itchy and this can also spread the eggs around.

Environmental Conditions That Speed Up Reproduction

flea eggs pic 1

Flea Eggs Picture flea eggs 1

Temperature has a direct effect on the rate in which fleas complete their reproductive cycle. Generally speaking, if you live in a hot environment, this will speed up this process, which gives you less time to put an end to all forms of flea life before the next wave arrives. The ideal temperate for fleas is about 25°C at an estimate of 70% humidity. How do fleas reproduce so quickly?

Well in these conditions, fleas will reproduce fast (provided they have a host available), their eggs will hatch after only a couple days and will take extra effort to get them under control because they thrive in warmth. However in colder regions, its noted that adult flea eggs take much longer to hatch and female fleas do not lay a large amount of eggs each day. Any temperatures that fall below 0°C usually results in the developing fleas becoming dormant but unless its below freezing, they can survive about 7 months without food. Quite a scary thought! Also, even though fleas prefer animals, remember that human fleas are rather common so don’t be too alarmed if you find one on yourself.

Treating Flea Eggs on Your Dog or Cat

While there are a number of natural and product based solutions for getting rid of fleas on dogs, remember that flea eggs also need to be removed! Female fleas will usually start laying their eggs in just a single day after coming into contact with your pet. Once the eggs have hatched into larvae, they feed on the dried remains of the adult fleas (blood and feces) and in some circumstances, also tapeworm eggs that was transferred from another pet or animal. While adult fleas cannot transmit these tapeworm eggs by feeding on the animals blood, they can be swallowed by your dog when it licks or bites itself (or during grooming, this is rather common with cat fleas). This will result in your pet contracting tapeworms, which can pose a fairly serious health risk if ignored.

The most common form of tapeworms on dogs and cats are referred to as “Dipylidium Caninum“. As previously mentioned, your pets are often responsible for bringing fleas and their eggs into your home so if you are currently dealing with a flea attack, make sure that you treat them on your animals otherwise you will be fighting a loosing battle. If you are unsure if your pet has fleas, signs of their presence can often be found in their sleeping areas, whether it be adult fleas, their poo or their eggs.

How to Get Rid of Flea Eggs in Your Home

The Bug Squad has a number of detailed removal methods for adult fleas. However, in this section, we are going to explore a few ways to kill their eggs to stop the flea life cycle from causing repeat flea infestations. Here are some things that you can use right away:

  1. Give your pet bedding (blankets, etc.) a good, hot wash. This will get rid of both the eggs and any lingering fleas.
  2. Vacuum your carpets and couches. If possible, try and use a water based model as these do an excellent job at removing the eggs. This also removes flea dirt and ensures that the larvae doesn’t wake up to find a tasty meal nearby.
  3. Use an IGR flea spray (natural ones are fine as well, just make sure it has a insect growth regulator) on your carpets and furniture. If you have a dog and it has a kennel, also treat this area. Remember that this wont actually kill fully developed fleas in your home. If you require this as well, you may also opt to use a flea fogger/bomb in your home. These are slightly more aggressive methods but they definitely work. Just make sure all the pets are out the house and you follow the instructions carefully. This step is extremely important as vacuuming doesn’t always cover all areas where eggs from fleas may be found and even if a small amount is left over, it could result in another generation of fleas.
  4. Use a flea comb to remove any eggs off your pets. Make sure this is done outside. Its also important to treat your pet for fleas otherwise the female fleas will simply lay more eggs and the problem will persist. You may also wash your animal with flea shampoo to get rid of eggs and even the adult fleas.

Another optional step is to use a steam cleaner to remove adult fleas, eggs and larva. The hot steam kills fleas instantly and these devices can usually be hired at an affordable price, if you don’t have one already. Finally, if you have a number of pets that frequently spend time inside your home, I highly recommend frequent vacuuming (every couple days) and checking your pets for fleas daily as a proactive measure to keep fleas away, especially during the warmer seasons. However, please stay away from pet flea collars as they can be deadly to your furry friends.

In conclusion, learning how to kill flea eggs is very important if you want to get your flea problem under control. While you may have some success with various flea products on your pets, another generation could be waiting to bug you (literally) after a couple weeks if you do not remove the eggs as well. Many people spend hundreds of dollars getting rid of fleas but fail to ensure that the eggs are removed. After reading this article, I hope this will never be you 🙂 Thanks for reading my article about flea eggs!


  1. Avatar Kim says:

    Hello, about a month ago I found that my cat had fleas. I cleaned everything and used DE on the carpet and put revolution on my cat( I had been using essential oil from the vet). I have been combing him regularly and no more fleas. Here is my question: I didn’t know what to do with all my shoes so I just put them in a huge plastic bag and tied it up. Do you think it’s safe to untie and wear my shoes again? (I kept one pair out and put DE all over it. Haven’t been barefoot this whole time:)

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Kim! Yes it should be safe, go ahead. Well done on beating the infestation 🙂

  2. Avatar Linda Taylor says:

    Hi Natasha! You have done so much helpful work on this site. Thank you!
    I have two Great Danes. We live in Washington State, it’s Winter and they can’t stay outside. I know there are now fleas in the carpet and on the dogs. I have a 10lb bag of DE food grade in my Amazon cart right now. I have Dawn in the kitchen and I have Frontline for extra large dogs in my Walmart cart. I’m getting ready to go to war…haha! No, I mean it.
    Does my plan of attack look like this: 1st, treat the carpets, furniture, etc. with the DE; next, bath the dogs with Dawn; Finally, treat the dogs with Frontline. I know I can bath the dogs in a week again with the Dawn, if their skin isn’t too dry, and I know that I can treat in 30 days with the Frontline. How often can I do the DE treatment? I want to stay on this so that I can get rid of all the things that hatch in the meantime.

    Thank you again for all your help. It’s amazing!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Linda, your plan of attack is perfect, I love it. Only pointer is that if you apply the 30 day Frontline, don’t wash the dogs in water a week later. I recommend that you proceed, let me know how it goes 🙂

  3. Avatar Marci says:

    we have tried everything on the market spent easily over $1,000 on topical products pills shampoos powder Etc. My littlest dog is a Maltese it seems that he has more fleas. I bought some borax and then read you had to keep the animals away from it for up to 48 hours we have a two-bedroom townhome this is practically impossible. I am interested in something that is effective but safe for animals. One cat is 15 years old and is diabetic I am worried about using all of these pesticides on him but bathing him only last about a day until the fleas are back. we have three different kinds I’ve noticed two different black kinds on both animals one kind of flea that is red on the cats only. I’m going to try the half cup baking soda and 1/2 cup sea salt on the carpet and brush it in can you tell me how long I need to leave it in for? is there some kind of repellent? we are going crazy with this!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Marci! I recommend that you give your cat a bath in warm water and dawn soap. Yes I know, he might kill you lol but it kills fleas instantly so maybe give it a try (there is a guide on this website, under the “fleas” category). As for your home, I recommend Diatomaceous Earth (food grade), also have a guide on it. Check both out and let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

  4. Avatar Katie says:

    I was starting to clean out my basement and was going through a box when I found what appeared to be fleas on some towels. I freaked out and took the box outside. The next day I examined them closer and they were definitely dead. I thought maybe I was seeing things and they had been dead all along. The next day I went to continue cleaning the boxes and found little bugs crawling on a pillow in another box. There was one that looked like an adult flea but there were little white ish bugs crawling on it also. Would these be young fleas? I’ve never noticed them on my dog and cat (both treated and looked at by the vet for fleas) but should I be worried I have a flea infestation?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Katie! No, I don’t think that those were young fleas, perhaps something else. I personally think that you won’t get a flea infestation, just keep an eye on it though and perhaps set a few DIY flea traps (article on this blog), they are super cheap and easy to make.

  5. Avatar Jaime says:

    Hi. It’s still not clear to me whether or not flea eggs can hatch and live off an animal ie in carpet. Can you please clarify? If my house and cat are completely rid of fleas, but there are some flea eggs that survived, are they harmless or can they somehow hatch AND find my cat and re-infest? I just feel confused about the flea egg info. Thank you!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Jaime! That is a great question, and as luck would have it, I literally just posted an article that covers flea larvae, which answers your question nicely (even shows some pics). If you go to the homepage, you will see it on the top left, check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

  6. Avatar Diana Peck says:

    Hi & thank you!
    A friend is giving me her iroomba after she replaced it post her flea attack. How should I make sure it’s free of any flea problem before I put it in my car or home?
    Thank you again!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Diana! I recommend just emptying the collection unit and doing a physical inspection, that should be all you need to make sure it is flea free. You can also wipe it down with a wet cloth and soap, as the soapy mixture will kill fleas on contact.

  7. Avatar Tasha says:

    Hello I was hoping you might have some advice. Almost a week ago we bombed my house. Since than we have shampooed the carpet, vacuumed almost every day. I’ve washed pretty much everything that can be washed – more than once – we’ve steamed furniture and other items, we’ve steamed the hardwood floors I believe three times and yet every morning we get up and kill more fleas. I know I’m not the only busy person in the world, but one factor that has made all of this really difficult is I am 10 weeks away from having my fourth child. The bombs we used did have an IGR, but what I’m starting to wonder is if fleas in the pupa stage have now hatched and that’s what we’re dealing with. And if that’s the case – does the IGR effect them? Or is this like having a whole new reinfestation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! This is really taking a toll on my body and my mind. Thank you

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Tasha! Congrats on your baby, I am also almost due again (8 weeks). I recommend that you give food grade DE a try (article on this blog). In addition, make a few DIY flea traps and leave them out, I have an article on this blog for that as well. Additionally, I am going to send you my ebook on flea removal (usually $9), just because I know that you need the help being pregnant and all. Have a good one!

  8. Avatar Patty says:

    You can also salt your floors and carpets. This will dehydrate the exoskeleton and kill the fleas. I used 1-1½ boxes per room at my house. You must leave it down for minimum of 2 days. Once you vacuum it up be sure to remove the bag and discard. If you have bagless type empty the contents and discard. After emptying my vacuum into a plastic bag I tied it up and sprayed the outside with flea spray. I also sprayed the inside of my vacuums.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Patty! Thank for the great tips, really appreciate your contribution to the community 🙂

  9. Avatar Anny says:

    How do flea eggs feel, can they be squished?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Anny! Yes they can, but it is not an ideal way to get rid of them, much like trying to crush hundreds of little salt grains hehe. Hope that helps.

  10. Avatar Sam Bastawros says:


    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Sam, recommend what exactly? A spot on treatment, or what? Thanks

  11. Avatar Sam Bastawros says:

    stopping the cycle

    full strength vinegar spray on carpet as well?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Sam, while that might work, I don’t recommend it, as it is going to make your home stink. Rather try DE or the DIY flea traps that I wrote an article about (under the category “fleas” at the top). Hope that helps.

  12. Avatar Steve says:

    If I use Frontline plus on my Dog and Cat – will the little white eggs I see on my black lounge cover actually hatch or are these eggs dead?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Steve, it is possible that they are not dead, I recommend that you vacuum them up and discard the bag to get rid of them 🙂

  13. Avatar Alison says:

    Hi Natasha. I know this article is very old, but I found it rather helpful. The only thing is that although you mention the importance of treating your pets for flea eggs, I didn’t see any suggestions on how to do this. It would be fantastic if I could stop the fleas before they hatch. I am planning on treating the rest of my house for fleas and eggs, but I’d really like to nip this problem in the bud.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Alison, the flea eggs rarely stay on your pet, but making sure that they don’t hatch and the fleas reinfest your pet is definitely the goal. Good news is that if you use any flea product that contains an IGR (insect growth regulator), it will stop them from hatching. Hope that helps.

  14. Avatar William Reardon says:

    As an Associate Certified Entomologist (A.C.E.), I found your article to be extremely impressive! Keep up the great work 🙂

    William Reardon A.C.E.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi William, thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to leave a comment 🙂

  15. Avatar Kim F says:

    Hi! so somehow my indoor cat who has never had fleas in his 12+ years, got fleas 2 mos. after we moved into a new house. the previous people had a dog and a cat that they abandoned outside who was sneaking back into the mudroom unbeknownst to us. so i’m sure that’s where it’s coming from. But obviously b/c he’s indoor we hadn’t been on the lookout for fleas and didn’t notice until they were bad. We put the drops on his shoulder-blade area and are giving him the capstar pills as well and he seems to have perked up. but we’re still trying to get rid of them in the house. we did a couple bombs which may have helped a bit but only for like a day. my DE got delivered yesterday so we spread it all over the area rugs and under the couch cushions and in the cracks of the hardwood etc. last night and we’re going to clean it up tonight after work. my question is: what else would you recommend and is there a way to avoid having to do the 4 weeks of DE to make sure we get all the stages etc? I have 2 young kids and feel like the worst mother ever when I see the bites on their ankles etc. but i’d also like to avoid having my house look like a coke dealer lives there haha. Thanks in advance – a mom who’s losing her mind 🙂

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Kim! Your coke dealer comment made me laugh so hard 😛 Yes, I recommend making a few flea traps (completely DIY), and leaving one per room each night. It might sound overly simple but they are extremely effective. I have an article on them, just visit the “fleas” category at the top of this blog. Good luck!

  16. Avatar Steve c says:

    Can humans ingest fleas and or eggs while sleeping if you are a open mouth breather/sleeper

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Steve, anything is possible, but it is extremely unlikely. In fact, so unlikely that I suggest ruling it out as a possibility 🙂

  17. Avatar Heather says:

    I think I discovered my cat’s flea problem fairly early. I saw one flea on her and one on the floor and I went and got the flea drop medication from our vet and applied it to her. I also vacuumed and washed our bedding, etc. I hate bugs and I feel itchy all over, I’m not sure if it is just my anxiety and my paranoia that I have fleas on me or if they actually are. I have not seen any, only dead ones now where the cat has been laying. If I use an IGR spray for any eggs there may be, is it harmful to children? I have a toddler who has some disabilities and she puts everything in her mouth. Her playroom is our living room so I am afraid to spray because she could come in contact with it.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Heather! No idea if the IGR brand you are using is non-toxic. I recommend that you put out a couple DIY flea traps, I have an easy article under the “fleas” category that you can follow. If they don’t catch anything, then you can rest easy. Also, if you start feeling paranoid about fleas on you (very unlikely btw), just take a shower, it will get rid of them all. Hope that helps!

  18. Avatar Fran says:

    Hi Natasha and everyone else .. came across this thread, I am trying to find an answer but not having luck. We rescued a kitten, he’s 10 wks old (looks like someone dropped it off at a gas station). When I took him into the vet’s office for a checkup, she did find flea dirt and 1 or 2 fleas. He’s completely healthy otherwise. So they applied Revolution and told me to keep him in our garage (where I had him because we have other pets in the house and didn’t want to jeopardize them), washing his bedding every other day in hot water .. for 3 weeks. I have read up on flea life cycle, on washing with Dawn or baby shampoo, etc. But I can’t find out if washing him would kill any eggs or pupae. We are just about 1 week in and I feel so sad for him being in the garage .. I go out and play with him as much as I can (once done at work). Do you know if I give him a bath and use a flea comb do I really have to wait 2 more weeks? Thank you!!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Fran, a bath with warm soapy water and a flea comb will work perfectly, give it a try.

  19. Avatar lynne mcsheffrey says:

    Hi your blog is great. Just started treating the most recent infestation and I want to avoid having to buy new mattresses this time! and my son get a bad reaction I frontline plused both my boys (cats) and flea combed them (doing that at least once a day) boil washing what I can, duvets and pillows in launderette, purchased a steam cleaner with large water tank worth it has got rid of things i thought i never would vacuuming with small brush nozzle to get the hair DE powder arriving Monday its now Sat, and got a spray, threw out old play tower and their beds but the boys are still scratching and still finding live fleas and I feel I’m spending all this time trying to treat house and they are there still invested would bathing them help and am i missing anything !!

    thank you

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Lynne! You seem to be on the right track, but I recommend that you use a couple flea traps in the rooms each night. I have an article on them on this blog, check it out.

  20. Avatar Debby S says:

    Hi, for the first time in my dog owning life I have a flea problem. Both dogs have been treated and I have done the whole house cleaning, hoovering, spraying and steaming regime every day for the past 3 days.

    BUT, and this may be paranoia, I am combing the boys outside on a daily basis and still seem to be seeing eggs, .

    My question is, is this actually possible, and if so, will these eggs be viable given that the dogs and house are treated, ie could they hatch and use me as a blood meal and then go on to lay more eggs?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Debby! Sorry for the late response, not under normal circumstances, fleas can’t survive on human blood.

  21. Avatar Candy says:

    I have not seen mention of blue Dawn dish detergent in your posts so I decided to share. It is used all the time on wildlife, especially to remove oil, and is safe to wash young kittens in to kill fleas since young kittens and nursing/ pregnant females can’t be given chemical flea killers. It somehow breaks down the shell of the flea killing it in usually less than a minute. Fleas are very difficult to drown and if you use other dish or laundry detergents they can survive, but they have trouble surviving Dawn. I wash my animal bedding and any towels I use to dry pets in Dawn, I just add it to the washer.
    I have also have very good results with baking soda on my carpets. I was having trouble getting the fleas under control with just foggers, sprays and topical meds for the pets so I sprinkled a couple of boxes in each room and let it set a few hours before vacuuming it up. It is safe for pets and scratches up the fleas shell while getting and under it’s shell to dehydrate it. Adding the baking soda made a dramatic improvement.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Candy! Thank you for the great information. I have used dawn and it is fantastic, appreciate your contribution to the community!

  22. Avatar Erin says:

    Hi! The vet said My cat has a mild case of fleas. There is also another dog in the house. I’m not sure how long he ha had them. Does this mean they are throughout the house? I don’t think we have noticed any fleas however I don’t think we would pick up on eggs if they were here. Thanks!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Erin, my dogs have gotten a couple fleas and I didn’t have to treat the entire house. I recommend that you get a decent spot on for both the cat and the dog, then just keep an eye on the situation. If you start seeing more fleas indoors, then take action. Hope that helps!

  23. Avatar Marcus says:

    Your articles are so awesome

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Thanks so much Marcus!

  24. Avatar Jessica says:

    I’ve recently found fleas on my pets and have tons of bites all over my body. Since then I’ve completely gotten rid of the fleas on my animals (they have been flea free for about 4 days) and are isolated into only one room as we just recently moved in. We also do not have any carpet just a few rugs but the pets do not have access to them. I have completely cleaned the dogs beds and mopped up and sprayed flea killer (with IGR) to the entire floor surrounding it as well as to the rest of my house just to be safe. Should I be in the clear soon? The eggs cannot fall into the carpets if my pets do not have access to the carpet right?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Jessica! Yes, I think your approach is good, so you should be fine moving forward. Let me know if you have any issues again.

  25. Avatar claudia says:

    Freezing should kill flea eggs without the use of any chemicals. If you have something that is difficult or expensive to clean that may have eggs on/in it, just stick it in the freezer for a couple of days.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Claudia! Thanks for the tip!

  26. Avatar Michela says:

    Hi Natasha,
    My home has a bad infestantion with fleas due to the previous owner not taking care of the place properly and I am moving to a different location. I am trying to find a service that will hold my cat for two weeks so I can be sure that he will not bring the fleas to my new home. Can you recommend a place in New Jersey? I don’t have the ability to quarantine him in my home and all I have found a rabies quarantines and airport quarantines both of which will not take my cat. I’m at my wits end can you please help?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Michela! I am sorry, I don’t know of any place offhand. I recommend that you contact a few local vets, they will probably be able to either help you or point you in the right direction.

  27. Avatar IsaiahTB says:

    Hello Natasha! I have had an outdoor dog for a few years now and, for the last two summers, I have had a problem with fleas in the backyard. I would literally spend hours cutting the grass and spreading DE around the yard to try and get rid of them― it’d seem to work for a few days, but after one or two summer showers I would find myself picking up fleas again on my pants. I also gave him a flea bath every single afternoon: I’d wash him with all sorts of flea pesticides and comb him thoroughly for fleas afterward (all while getting ravaged by mosquitoes). After I realized that wouldn’t work, I decided to just wait until the winter and start trying to treat the fleas in their off-season. I’ve raked the yard fairly thoroughly of leaves and other debris, and I have given my dog multiple flea baths and combings in an effort to kill the adults laying eggs.
    My largest concern is getting rid of the existing eggs/larvae that may be in the yard. He has a wooden dog house that he sleeps in at night, but I am unsure of how I could thoroughly kill all the eggs without pesticide: as you probably could image, I’m not too keen on unleashing Raid all over my dog’s bed lol. We also have a deck that’s raised a foot off of the ground that I fear may be housing fleas. However, I can’t imagine any way to get DE or some sort of pesticide under the boards. Unfortunately, there is zero possibility of relocating him for a while because my mother is adamant on keeping him (and his fleas) as far away from the house as possible. I’m trying to sort this out before the spring, so if you have any ideas of how I can end these fleas out once and for all, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Isaiah! I suggest you use DE on his bed (check my article on this blog), beneficial nematodes in the garden and a spot on for your dog. That should sort out the situation. Also consider making a few DIY flea traps, also have an article on that topic here. Hope that helps!

  28. Avatar Ana Paula Trevizo says:

    Hi! I live in a dim with my roomate and I found a stray dog on the streets so I snuck him into my dorm and showered him in the bathtub quickly. Then I dried him and let him sleep over for the night. The next morning I found him a home at around 10 am . And then that same day, the lady who took him in called me to tell me that he had fleas! I washed my sheets and so did my roommate. We also sprayed raid around the room. But then we were gone for 4 weeks for Christmas break. Now we came back, and I’m scared there might be eggs or fleas in our dorm room.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Ana! I suggest that you vacuum the entire dorm and then put a couple flea traps out, see if they catch anything. The flea trap article is on this blog. If you find anything, let me know and I will help you.

  29. Avatar Kerry says:

    Hi !
    Moved into a rental house 6 months ago with x2 jack Russell’s who’ve never had fleas or ticks , had to get collars for both as they were covered in ticks from the garden . Then we’d find fleas about the house , but not jumping quiet and barely moving but still alive . After lots of hoovering they finally disappeared ( August time ) in the last 2 weeks we seem to have had a new wave of them , but majority seem to be coming from inside a carpeted cupboard in my sons room . After shinning a tour he around the carpets there were definitely more in there upstairs. We treated the areas upstairs and have hoovered vigorously but I’m still finding slow moving fleas . During all the time we’ve been in the house , the dogs have never had fleas ,
    nothing on the floor or in their beds where they sleep . I don’t understand why I keep finding them ?
    Many thanks

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Kerry! You story calls for a couple of my DIY flea traps! Check out the article (on this blog), put them in the rooms and that should solve things for you. Hope that helps, good luck!

  30. Avatar Sarah says:

    Hi Natasha, I’m fighting fleas somethings terrible on my little miniature chiwawa. I truly believe they keep coming from our yard. What can I buy to treat the yard, which is fairly good size! And also, i just noticed a little bit ago, after bathing her, I went to get her bedding to wash it. And it had really Small black worm looking deals in it, what is that? This is not the first time I’ve seen these in her bedding area, are they freshly hatched flea’s? It’s very bothersome because i am a clean person, and this makes my stomach turn!!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Sarah! Beneficial nematodes are good for the garden and they don’t cost much, you can even buy them online. Not too sure about that hey, will need to see a picture first hehe. I also recommend that you get a good spot on for that little dog. Hope that helps!

  31. Avatar Zachary says:

    I have 3 cats and 1 dog. One of our older cats has a flea caller like my dog. The other 2 cats are kittens, 14 weeks, we got them about 6 weeks ago and when we first had them they had fleas. We gave them baths and got flea drops from the pet hospital. We haven’t seen fleas since then but one of the kittens have dandruff or could it be flea eggs? Also how long does it take for flea eggs to hatch?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Zach! Firstly, please read my article on flea collars, they are very dangerous. Secondly, from the sounds of it, you don’t have a flea problem anymore so well done, pretty sure that is dandruff or something to that effect.

  32. Avatar christina seeger says:

    Soooo… My dog has fleas again. I have been dealing with this issue since the summer. I apply frontline every month and bombed the house 2 times with the spray. I do not understand what I keep doing wrong. What can I do to help my poor girl out?
    -I have bathed her multi times since the first flea treatment.
    -This will be the 4th time in 6 months 🙁

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Christina! Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, sounds like you are doing a good job already. I think you might have a flea infestation in the yard, perhaps check that out and if that is the case, we can work out a plan of action.

  33. Avatar Brittany says:

    I know this is an old post so I am hoping I can still get a reply. We have a dog who is about 5 months old who has fleas. We have been dealing with them for about a month now and cannot get rid of them. We have used flea baths and dawn dish soap baths with vinegar. We have been using Adams brand flea and bed bug spray for our furniture and carpets. The dog has a flea collar and we also applied Hartz Ultra Guard on her and we still have fleas and eggs. I don’t know what to do. I have 2 small toddlers and one of them is getting bit as well. I don’t know what to do anymore. Is there anything you recommend that we could try? We have also been vacuuming every couple of days.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Brittany! I suspect that your dog is catching them from outside or in the house. There is no ways that the fleas on him will have survived a bath in dawn soap. So your attention must be focused on getting rid of fleas in the house and potentially the garden otherwise the cycle won’t be broken. Check my article on flea traps, they will help you find which room has the biggest amount of fleas. I will always answer comments on all my posts, no matter the age 🙂

  34. Avatar Sara says:

    Hi Natasha,

    My do was groomed( washed, clipped etc) yesterday and after we found 3 fleas in his fur! We removed them and treated him and thoroughly checked his fur! Checked his bedding and no signs there! Checked him thoroughly again in the morning and nothing! The groomer never mentioned him having fleas either! Is it possible he could have picked them up there as it’s a mobile van and he’s not there the same time as other dogs! I check his fur all the time and haven’t come across any before! He hasn’t been itching either! Im Worried that we’ll get an infestation! Could they have laid eggs already? Thanks

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Sara! A couple fleas is nothing to seriously worry about, just keep an eye out and see if their numbers increase. Then we can take action. Hope that helps!

      • Avatar Debbie says:

        We have a 2 year old big dog.. we found that she has fleas… we gave her a bath and two days after that we applied ultra guard pro to her back. It seems that since then the number have increased a lot!! Can we give her a flea bath and try another type like front line?? I I haven’t seen any eggs but I see little babies.. I have been killing 4-6 a day on her the ones I can catch. We don’t have hot water for our washer :/ but I used essential oils in the washer while washing what can we do!?? Help

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Hi Debbie, it depends on how many days that ultra guard is supposed to work for, you don’t want to overload your dog. Have you tried using warm water and dawn soap, it kills fleas instantly.

  35. Avatar Malibu says:

    Hey Natasha,
    I rescued a kitten two days ago and found fleas on her today. Treated her immediately with petarmor which is supposed to work like frontline. Unfortunately she’s already been all over the place-found one million eggs in my bed (if I’m not paranoid). If I start washing bedding, blankets, clothes, pillows, curtains tomorrow and get a flea bomb and vaccum after, should that be enough? Should I give the kitten a bath or is it enough to use the flea comb? I’m terrified of not getting the situation under control early enough

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Malibu. Bath the cat (if possible) in warm water and dawn soap. After she is try, apply that spot on. Then wash, etc. and do your flea bomb, that will all work out nicely. Let me know if you have any issues after that and we will address the problem together. Hope that helps!

  36. Avatar nevillemac says:

    Hi Natasha, your site is certainly helpful. I have picked egg-like particles off a friend’s bedsheet and examined them with magnification, bu have not been unable to tell if they really are eggs. Do you know of any chemical test to identify flea eggs from dandruff and other miscellaneous particles?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Neville! Sorry I don’t, would be awesome if there was one though hehe.

  37. Avatar Jessica says:

    I recently got a dog in june. 2 weeks ago she began scratching and we realized she had fleas. I immediately took her to get a flea bath and washed all our bedding and her bed. I vacuumed the entire house and started her on the front line plus. I didn’t have any bites, but this morning she began scratching again and I have 2 small bites. I believe some in the house must have hatched. Will they die since she is on the front line. Do I need to read everything again?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Jess! Yes, the frontline should deal with it, especially with such a small amount. If you are concerned, just put a couple DIY flea traps in your rooms and those should catch them during the night (article on this blog).

  38. Avatar Da says:

    Hi Natasha, we have fleas in the house and yard, I think the stray cat came and dropped them. I used DE around the house (outside), inside, and also use a indoor spray called NYGUARD. Have you heard/use this? Not sure if this help it’s been a couple days and I still have flea bites. What else should I do to be free from fleas? I had cancer and can not have the house flogged or using heavy chemical. Please HELP!!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Da! I havn’t used that, doesn’t mean that it isn’t good though 🙂 I suggest you make a couple DIY flea traps, they are cheap and I have an article on this blog, check it out.

  39. Avatar Dani says:

    Hi, I just moved into my apartment and it had fleas, the exterminator came and didn’t see any fleas but I’ve caught many so he still did a treatment on the carpet. I was still dealing with fleas after vacuuming for a week. They are now replacing the carpet, would my new home be flea free now? I did not have any couches or bedding in the apartment only a suitcase of clothes which i sprayed with flea killer. I am also pet free. My husband/ daughter are coming this week and I don’t want them to get bitten like I did.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Dani, you should be fine. Put a couple DIY flea traps out just in case, I have an article that will show you how to make these cheaply (and they work).

  40. Avatar Lauren says:

    HELP! I think I just injested flea eggs! My household is battling fleas. Right before going to bed my husband shook our blankets. Not knowing he had just done this next to my water glass, I took a sip upon returning from the bathroom. I looked in my glass and there is white dirt -I think eggs! Any chance I’ll be getting fleas growing in my belly, or the tapeworm virus that fleas carry? HELP!!!!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Lauren, your stomach acid should kill them, but if you are super concerned, maybe just go see your doc and explain the situation.

  41. Avatar Sherry says:

    I have an infestation that I’m pretty sure originated with a pet boarding this summer. The vet told me in August that my 2 cats had fleas. 35 days of combing, vacuuming (sometimes 4 or 5 hours daily), 4 exterminations, daily use of dawn and a flea comb. Flea products for pets every 2 weeks (don’t call animal control on me I’m doing the best I can), diatomaceous earth, capstan, nothing stops the fleas. The cats are now in the garage because the exterminator has successfully removed the fleas from my home. The vet or no one in my city can tell me how to kill the flea eggs on my cats. I have bathing appointments for them next week. I am moving in 3 weeks and do not want to move this infestation with me. Please help. The vet’s office today told me to throw away everything I own and start over. I told them the fleas are not on my belongings, but my pets. No one listens anymore. One tech said to shave my cats, the other said that would not work. The vet’s office suggested that I board my pets with them until I move. I asked how that would keep new eggs from hatching. All I got was I don’t know. No one knows anything. I vacuum daily and throw away the bag. My life outside of work is committed to being a flea killer. Help!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Sherry! I suggest three things, spot on for your pets, DE around the house and DIY flea traps. All three have articles on this blog, check them out and let me know if you are still needing help 🙂

  42. Avatar Morgan says:

    Hi there!

    I may be overly paranoid at this point but I adopted a kitten last week – after having her home for a day and a half I brought her to the vet where they informed me that she had a couple of fleas. They gave me three months worth of treatment for the new missy and my other fur baby. I’ve vacuumed my home head to toe, getting crevices in my couch and all my stairs, washed all linens that would’ve been exposed, vacuumed some more…bleached everything. I gave my tiny gal a dawn bath and brushed both with a flea comb. No signs of fleas on my older gal and only 2 dead ones came off of my tiny kitten with no others in sight. I combed the them again today and still didn’t see anything. No evident flea dirt, eggs, or live/dead adults! Could this mean I’m one of the lucky ones and caught it in enough time before it was too late? I’ve been having a hard time even wrapping my mind around possibly having parasites in my home and it’s been driving me mad. Any word of calming from your experience would be helpful! Or caution! Whichever makes the most sense given the situation.

    Thank you!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Morgan, honestly, I think that you are in the clear! However, if you want to make sure, check my article on making a DIY flea trap. Its quick and easy, and it will tell you if there are any fleas lurking in your house.

  43. Avatar Rita says:

    Have fleas in our duplex. Put out bombs on all three floors that contained IGR, had cat dipped at vet. Have a large amount of clothing and bedding in and out of closets. Have wood floors. sprayed cedarcide and dusted with DE on floors etc. Going to bomb again in a week and keep the cat out of there. What about all the clothes and bedding? There is no way they can be all washed. If they are put in plastic bags after bombing, will eggs and fleas die? Saw comment about flea collars in boxes. Will they kill all stages of fleas? How long would they have to be enclosed in plastic? Thank you for any suggestions.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Rita! Keep your clothes in the cupboard, it’s unlikely that they are infested with fleas (just wash recent stuff). I suggest that you use DE on your couches and bedding, it works really well, check my article on the subject.

  44. Avatar Shantay says:


    I have a flea problem an I just bombed but I left one of my drawers closed an I was wondering if it was ok to use wat has been in the drawer. Plz help I’ve tryed everything as far as searching about it.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Shantay! I suggest wiping/washing whatever was in that draw, that is all.

  45. Avatar joe says:

    when I comb fleas off my cat I will crush them between my nails. some of them have white stuff in them I assume it is eggs. can these eggs still hatch? because I seem to have more flea’s now in this are near computer I combed the cat in. thank you for your time

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Joe! Yes they can, if it is indeed eggs that is. If you have a deep clean vacuum machine, use that to get rid of them.

  46. Avatar Lotte says:

    I’m moving out a place with fleas. I have alot of open boxes (plastic ones and cardbord ones) on the floor with stuff packed in them (books, kitchen supplies wrapped in newspaper,.. etc). Do I have to be afraid to move eggs/ fleas with me in these boxes? And how do I prevent taking them? (I have no furniture to move and the clothing is already taken care of).

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Lotte, it is possible but not very likely. Chuck a cheap flea collar in the boxes if want to make sure they die (suggestion from one of my readers, apparently it worked well).

  47. Avatar Robyn says:

    I keep finding light colored fleas. But when I kill and drop in toilet, and they turn black. Is the pesticides making them turn light?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Robyn, never heard of such an occurrence. Beats me hehe, might be something like that.

  48. Avatar Natasha says:

    We have 2 dogs and an indoor cat, all 3 have flea medication dips on nexgard cat on revolution. Our cat lives in the basement, dogs ate in the basement dusing the day. Our issue is a major flea infestation in the basement, we don’t see activity upstairs or on our pets. I’ve been bathing then almost daily, and brushing. Recently we bombed our entire house and basement, sprayed the yard and basement perimeter, flea powder on carpets, hardwood, vinyl, and basement concrete flooring, even sprayed furniture, mattresses, carpet cleaned etc. I even tried the old school method of borax for the basement. All of this within a 3 day period, however we seem to be getting them back in the basement. We do live directly on waterfront and our basement tends to stay humid and cool, do you have any suggestions of what else I could try, or how to locate the source of where they areally coming from?
    I appreciate the help!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Nat, I suggest that you try a couple DIY flea traps in the basement, see how those work for you (since it is nice and dark). I have a guide on this blog, check it out!

  49. Avatar Nina Liang says:

    Hi Natasha,

    Right now our dog has fleas and we’re trying really hard for a while to get rid of it by giving him by washing him with flea treatment shampoo almost every other day. we sprayed and vacummed our floors and everything but they keep coming back. We manually remove each flea but I presume our dog keeps getting them because of the eggs. What should I do about that? I also don’t know if the spray is working on eggs or not. But I’m worried they’ll hatch and we’ll just have more again. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the eggs in our house and our dog? thanks.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Nina, I personally feel that there is either a flea infestation in your home or in your yard, that is why your dog keeps on catching fleas. I suggest you check both before presuming that there are flea eggs on the dog itself, let me know!

      • Avatar Nina Liang says:

        thanks Natasha, I figured that would be the problem. I was thinking of using a flea bomb in the house, what do you think? I’m not too sure how it works but is it safe? Also if we do solve the flea infestation then my dog shouldn’t continue having it right?

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Hi Nina, I am not a big fan to be honest. Check out my article on that subject, it will answer all your questions 🙂

  50. Avatar Judi Kardachi says:

    Hi just wondering about throws or clothes or cushions that have been laying around . This is the second time I have bombed my house in two weeks . I feel I’m paranoid washing everything but I feel ill be washing forever . Is this nessesary or not really . Thanks for your help & a great site . Cheers Judi

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Judi, yes it is necessary. Anything that the poison lands on, you need to clean, pretty much as simple as that.

  51. Avatar Deb says:

    Hi. Just got back from somewhere where we think we might have come in contact with fleas. 1/2 of our family have bites on our feet, not in a line, random spots and a few on the leg. Occasionally itchy, no pain, and 1 had some clear drainage but now gone. Unsure if this is what it really is. We have a cat though and do not want an infestation. I am currently washing all the clothes. Is there a chance that some could have come home with us. Exposure was Wednesday and now it is Sunday. Any recommendations on prevention?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Deb, just wash everything and then put a couple of my DIY flea traps up to check if there are any lurking about.

  52. Avatar Paris jones says:

    I’ve moved into my new property and have fleas! I don’t have any pets, been trying to get rid of them, hoovering everyday, let bombs off, got strong spray that the vet recommended. They seem to be dying off, I have the council to come round and fumigate the house, but 4 days later I’m having new carpets and underlay put in, and getting rid of the sofas and buying new ones the same day. Will this higher my chance of getting rid of them?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Paris, sounds like you should be fine. Use a couple of my flea traps after everything is replaced to check for any survivors.

  53. Avatar Lloyd H says:

    How do i get rid of fleas in my yard? Have had a pest control out about 4 times a year and still have them.
    Thank you please email reply

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Lloyd, you can try using beneficial nematodes in your yard, it is very effective. Good luck!

  54. Avatar Erica says:

    Hi Natasha,

    We are thinking about buying another vacuum today, but we currently have a robotic Roomba that goes around and cleans. What do you suggest we do to disinfect the Roomba to make sure eggs aren’t living inside where it swept? Also, do you recommend buying a vacuum with bags? They don’t sell a lot of them anymore, do you tihnk getting a flea collar and putting that in a vaccum without bags would do the trick?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Erica, yes, although I havn’t tried it in one of those (I am jealous lol), some readers have done that for vacuum machine bags so give it a try.

  55. Avatar Tory says:

    Hello I have 2 cats and I have been fighting fleas. both my cats are inside cats. they never go outside. one has been inside almost 10yrs and the other 3yrs. I live in an apt. there are not other pets that live in the area I do. so why do I have a very bad flea problem. I have bombed all rooms and sprayed furniture multiple times vacuums multiple times and now I’ve treated the cats with Adams tick and flea spray. I have looked on the bottle of the Adams flea spray and I do not see where they use a IGR. I did notice that Adams has changed up their ingredients they removed 3 ingredients and replaced 2 ingredients. took a ingredient completely off and dropped an ingredient 75%. I grew up using adams. the newer Adams says it kills fleas, ticks , flea eggs and flea larvae but I can’t find were is says IGR. could you please tell be the best product to use that is a IGR. I’ve been doing this for 3weeks now. PLEASE HELP thank you advance for your help

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Tory, will send you an email shortly.

  56. Avatar Heidi says:

    I am not able to upload the picture that I have, but My 2 cats have had fleas for a few months, I cannot get rid of them!!
    I have recently noticed these small white bumps growing on my bedroom ceiling (near light fixture) and on walls near the baseboards. It tends to be found on the walls that have furniture in front of. I do have textured painted walls, but this is different. Most come off quite easily, but I’m worried if this is flea related or something else?!
    Thanks much in advance for your answer! These fleas are driving me nuts!!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Heidi, unlikely to be related. However, will drop you an email with some additional info.

  57. Avatar Leila says:

    Hi I had a flea infestation this summer (cat sitting so no pets in the home now) it was so bad we had the exterminators out which X only helped a little as well as me using lots and lots of treatments and sprays ect …but as soon as end of October/ November hit not one was to be seen and still haven’t but obviously now I’m starting to worry will they return when it’s warmer as I now have a baby and I can’t bare the thought of them jumping in him please help!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Leila, check out my flea trap and use it every couple weeks to check if you have a pending flea problem, works great.

  58. Avatar Denise says:

    Any ideas on how to treat a feral cat with fleas?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Denise! If you can catch it, frontline works well.

  59. Avatar Ryan says:

    I just found eggs on my dog, and no live fleas (yet). It is super cold outside right now, and I’m not sure how they can survive this weather. I want to rid her of the eggs ASAP. Please help!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Ryan, get a spray that contains an IGR, it prevents them from hatching.

  60. Avatar savannah says:

    I have had a flea problem for about a week now, I have used flea bombs and spray containing IGR. I’ve steamed cleaned also. So my question for u is if you had to recommend one specific product for me to use what would it be. I have no animals inside the house. My little girl is allergic to the flea bites and this is making her miserable.
    Thank you so much for all the helpful tips.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Savannah! Will PM you.

  61. Avatar Toley says:

    I recently watched my cousins at their house for several days. Unfortunately their cat had fleas and the problem had not been taken care of. I believe I may have had some follow me home and am now trying to rid my house of them. I have not seen them but I can feel things biting me and get red bumps. My cat was treated previously to me coming back from my cousins place. We have found none on the cat and no flea poop as you call it. (when we comb her) She is on Frontline Plus and then the Vet told me to have to use Vectra as well. I vacuumed my house numerous times as well as washed all bedding, mopped the floors with and washed clothing that was out and treated the cat trees (her bedding) with Sipothrol Plus (IGR spray). I have treated the couches with the spray and treated all rugs with the DE food grade powder. I have laid out the water/dove detergent solution and have only had one small black bug (not sure if it was an actual flea or some bug from my Christmas tree (as we cut it down just after Thanksgiving!) I sprayed the rooms with the IGR spray called Sipothrol yesterday. Today i vacuumed the entire house and now I was wondering is it okay to add the Food Grade DE to the carpets or will that counteract what the spray is supposed to do?? Please help! 🙂 I also treated my car with the Sipothrol spray. This is our first time having fleas and I want to make sure I get a hold of the problem before it gets too infested! And what is the best way to deal with closest. As in shoes that are on the floor of the closest.. Is spraying the inside with the spray the best bet or vacuum and placing the DE on the carpeting better. Thanks in advance!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Toley! To be honest, I think you have the situation under control. Just use the spray in the cupboard as well and you should be good. Check out my article on flea traps to check if there are any left over fleas in your home.

  62. Avatar Sarah says:

    Hi Natasha,

    It’s been about two weeks I I have noticed fleas in my bed whilst sitting on my phone. When I tried to catch these they seem to hop and move I also tried to grab it in tissue but as soon as I open the tissue it escapes. Now I have set up a flea trap with candle in bowl of soapy water. I have managed to find 3-6 everynight. I don’t have any pets what so ever and don’t understand where they are coming from. I don’t have carpet and also my sofas are leather. I only have one rug. One morning I have seen one flea on my leg which looked shiny. Today I saw one on my wrist area and got rid of it. I am 5 weeks pregnant and also have a toddler therefore cannot use chemicals or any harsh powder. What should I do because my toddler is getting bitten and it is causing him to itch like mad. My husband hasn’t had a single bite although we share the bed.

    Please could you help us. I don’t have the money to call someone in to have a look as the problem is mainly at night.

    Thank you


    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Sarah, you can using something like DE (check my article on this subject), its harmless and sorts fleas out quickly, provided you use it correctly. Hope that helps, best of luck!

  63. Avatar Jack says:

    Hi Natasha,
    I hope you can help me with this. We treated our cat with fipronil (not frontline ‘plus’, though) 10 days ago and at first it seemed to work as expected; the number of fleas decreased overnight and to this day we still see fleas just falling off her and dying shortly after. However, 10 days on, flea eggs are also falling off her -up to forty a day on her favourite chair. She doesn’t seem to be suffering from dandruff, so what’s going on? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you might have. regards, Jack

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Jack, after 10 days, it is unlikely that those are flea eggs honestly. Are you sure that your cat doesn’t have a skin allergy or something?

  64. Avatar Rob says:

    Hi i rescued a kitten and i brought hit to the vet to get treated for fleas. I left him in my truck the night before because i didnt want to infest my house or my dog. I left him at vet for two days they gave him the pill twice both days and put the oil on his kneck and such i bombed my truck while he was at the vet. Ive combed Him daily and vacvumed literally i try to keep. Quarantined. Off couches away from my bedroom ecspecially. Im so worried about an infestation starting i havent literally seen anything thankfully. But im worried about an infestation ive tried keeping a handle o. It i just know the deamon is hiding in the shadows i have pet armor home household spray that im going to douse my carpet couch and any areas where both pets go. While im at work tmro. Ive treated there housing areas prior to today so. Im trying to b on top of this lol even tho i havent physically seen one on me but its been. Like two or three days since i got the kitten in the streets. I seen tuge big ones that day vut i picksd them off at that time. I hope we can stay flea free

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Rob, hope so as well, how is the situation right now?

  65. Avatar Mike says:

    Hi Natasha, Could you please send me a copy of your reply to Holly? I have no pets, but fleas appeared in my apartment. I want to know how to definitely get rid of them completely . Thanks, Mike

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Mike, sure I can do that, please confirm that you are still battling fleas though as my reply is rather late (260 comments to go lol)

  66. Avatar Patricia says:

    Hi Natasha!! I think we might have a small flea infestation in our house.
    I’m am going to try using borax as it seems to be working for everyone. ( been doing lots of research.)
    I have got a few questions tho.
    1.Which IGR spray would you recommend? And I supouse we should first use borax to get read of the adult fleas first then use the IGR spray to make sure eggs are killed too?
    2.How long should I wait between using borax and the IGR? I am really worried/sick and tired of the fleas! Specially in our bedroom as our cats USED to sleep in our bed. But not anymore!!
    3. Can I use the borax to spray the mattress and sofas?? And can borax be added to my normal washing products for cleaning bedding etc???
    THANK you ever SO MUCH in advance and for taking your time to reply all our messages!!!
    A very worried cat owner,
    Patricia xx

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Pat! Any spray that contains IGR will work, wait a couple days between and you can use the borax wherever you want, it is safe. Hope that helps, please consider sharing this article with your friends 🙂

  67. Avatar Joyce says:

    Its always recommended to wash things in hot water, but won’t the fleas drown and get washed away–with the eggs and larve– in any temperature of water?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Joyce, sometimes yes but the hot water guarantees their speedy demise 😉

  68. Avatar Marta says:

    Hi Natasha,

    Thanks for the very informative collection of articles. I have found a couple of fleas in my bed and, after reading about fleas and the signs of their presence, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been seeing flea dirt in my bathroom sink for a number of weeks (one of my cats loves to sleep and sit in it…). Unfortunately, the washer in my apartment is only hooked up for a cold water supply. Will drying my clothes in batches on the highest setting for, 90 mins do the trick? Should I also bother washing in th cold water?
    Thanks again for the info!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Marta, yes, that should work 🙂

  69. Avatar nicole says:

    I have never had a flea problem in my entire life until now. They are everywhere!!! I have tried every thing!!!! I am seriously going nuts. I am not sure what to do. I am a very clean person. I treated both animals, sweep every day, washed all bedding and clothes. Today I let off bombs for the SECOND time. I noticed they are still everywhere!! although it did kill the flies, the fleas are still there. Please any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Nicole, I suggest you read my other flea articles, plenty of removal guides there or alternatively, hire an exterminator. If you decide to hire, let me know and I can get you a very reasonable quote.

  70. Avatar Samantha says:

    I just found a larvae while vacuuming, I have a canister vacuum and I could see it. What do I do?! I am washing everything and shampooed my area rug.and mopped the floors. I work 3-11 during the week and can’t get as much done as I’d like. Am I getting anywhere with this problem? I have treated my dogs and washing everything everyday. Could tell me anything else I need to do?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Samantha, try using DE (article on this blog), works well, leave it down during the day and vacuum it up at night.

  71. Avatar Holly says:

    Hi Natasha, back in August we adopted a stray dog, after having a dog and two cats flea-free for three years. We’ve done everything from Trifexis shots to Hartz (horrible) to Capstone (lasts for about two days) to SentryPro to Borax in the carpet and furniture, which the vet recommended. This all works for a few days and starts all over again. I’m convinced the next stage of the cycle will involve me on that terrifying “Infested!”show on tv. I assume your next recommendation would be some sort of fogger, but I have no knowledge of what budget-friendly kind works best. ANY help would be greatly appreciated at this point.
    Thank you.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Holly, I will PM you.

  72. Avatar Jessica says:

    Great article, thanks for posting this!

    I’m confused because I’ve only seen about six fleas total (on my cats) in the past month, but I thought even one flea meant an infestation? I use electric traps every night but I’m not catching anything at all. Could they be living solely on my cats? I vacuum several times per week, put down salt and DE and use Capstar and Advantage. I thought the problem was gone until yesterday when I saw two more fall off my cat looking mostly dead. Any ideas why I only see one or two sporadically? Also, is that IGR spray safe to use on carpets that my cats walk on? Thanks in advance for any advice!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Jessica! Thank you. Nah, if there are only a couple, its not really an infestation but deal with it quickly before it comes one. I am not too sure why they are appearing sporadically, they are kinda small so they are easy to miss. It really depends on the brand, just make sure its not too toxic and you will be fine.

  73. Avatar Trina says:

    Hi Natasha, I believe I have fleas again, I am getting bites but have not seem them. We had them back in June and I thought I got rid of them. I am very concerned. I have looked everywhere and cannot find them. I am going to set a trap tonight. We do not have pets, and the fleas may be in our yard that is being demoed and worked on, so I believe they are there. When we had them before I set traps but never caught any, I did catch one in the middle of the night and had it confirmed as fleas. They seem to only be biting me at night. I am washing my bedding, vacuumed, and will continue tomorrow as it is too much to do in one night. I hope that I do not get bit again tonight. I still have some spray from a vet clinic I will use this weekend, if my family and I can leave the house. I still have DE and Borax in the baseboards and carpets under furniture, will that still work? I question the process of vacuuming and laying the stuff down to put more stuff down in the areas I can’t get at easily. We have a semi-house and an unfinished basement and it is difficult to cover all areas. I’m so worried I will never get rid of these things. My baby got infections from their bites last time, and I want them to stay away from her! any advice, thnx so much

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Trina! I recommend that you check out my DIY flea trap and use a bunch in each room for about 7 days in a row. I think that is your first step, let me know how it goes.

  74. Avatar Mary says:

    My mother cat had kittens, of course the fleas are all over the kittens. I have treated the mother cat, and put salt under the towel the kittens are on. A couple of days later, I opened the towel and the flea larvae(tiny black worm-like things) were crawling in the salt. What would the best thing to do be?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Mary, just wash it and rather use food grade DE or borax, it works better than salt.

  75. Avatar Julianne Johnson says:

    Hi Natasha,
    I have read all of your articles on fleas. I had an indoor cat that turned into an outdoor cat, unfortunately. She was treated for fleas, but being outside so much I do not think that helped all that much. When she was in she would hop up on the bed with me. I did not think anything of it until one day I had what looked like red pin pricks on me. They itched and I got a rash. Still did not connect that they were flea bites. My vet tech ended up adopting my kitty because I have a new grandson and my daughter did not want him around the cat. I have been manically cleaning since and have these pin pricks all over. I have used salt, borax, and a natural spray along with constant vacuuming. Yesterday I put down DE the food type all over the carpets, mattress, in corners, baseboards etc. where the carpet is. I have washed the comforter in hot water and dried it. I notice when I put on my clothes I itch and I cannot wash them in hot water. She would sneak in my closet if she could when inside. I want to wash all of my clothes, but will cold water with detergent and borax added and then dried on low heat kill the eggs? Everything will shrink. This is driving me insane. I wash the sheets and pillow cases in hot water, but my clothes are another issue and I think they are infected somehow. My next move is to call an exterminator in. I will see how the DE works. It was a lot of work. It has been over 12 hours should I leave it or vacuum it up? I am spending hours on this and have a bad back which is acting up from all of the cleaning. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give to me.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Julianne! Sorry about the situation these fleas have put you in. The DE will definitely help, leave it down for a day or two and then vacuum it up. Also check my article on a DIY flea trap, leave those in each room and you will find relief. Also get your cat a decent spot on like Frontline. Good luck!

  76. Avatar Zuly says:

    Hi Natasha,
    I recently noticed two days ago that my cat was scratching and I saw a few fleas. This is my first time being a pet owner so I’ve never dealt with this before. I’ve sprayed him with apple cider vinegar and dawn dish soap (I read a few blogs/articles that recommended this). I have washed about every piece of bedding, clothing, upholstery, etc. and vacuumed every inch of carpet in my house. Unfortunately, I have had to isolate my cat in the garage. It’s also the weekend so I won’t be able to get him to the vet until Monday. I have read your blogs on foggers and DE as well as this one. My plan of action is to use DE all over the carpets and couches tomorrow. On Monday I would like to start the foggers. Would that be OK? Or would any of the chemicals in the foggers react badly with the DE from the day before? Also, I would plan on doing the DE tomorrow (Sunday) while my cat is in the garage. I’d take him to the vet the next day and then use the foggers and keep him out of the house of course. Would that be an OK plan? Ease let me know! Thank you!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Zuly! That will work out fine. However, I suggest trying my DIY flea trap before using a fogger. Its also very effective, its affordable and its easy to make.

  77. Avatar Cheryl wojtecki says:

    My daughter is moving out of an apartment that has fleas. I’m wondering if we pack all her belongings in Tupperware bins with borax and keep them sealed for a few weeks in the garage then wash them if that will kill fleas and eggs as I would assume they would hatch and not lay any more eggs as they would die. Do you think this would work or do you have a better option?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Cheryl! Yes that will work but as an added precaution, hot wash anything that can be washed.

  78. Avatar Jill H says:

    I saw a post on Pinterest about combining Dawn and salt to make a scrub and using that on a dog will help kill fleas and the eggs. Think it will work? I’m experiencing my first flea infestation ever, and always keep coming back to your website in my search for treatments and options, so just wondering if you have heard about this one yet. Thank you for creating such a great site!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Jill. Add some hot water into the mix and yes, that will work.

  79. Avatar yesica M says:

    So I had two kittens, about 3 weeks ago I got rid of them and now we have fleas. We dont have any other pets but we have fleas! What is the fastest and best way for me to get rid of them ASAP because my kids keep getting bit.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Yesica! The fastest way would be to get a pro in to help you. Email me if you want a couple free quotes 🙂

  80. Avatar Diana says:

    We have two dogs one allergic to fleas and the other that is allergic to one of the chemicals that is in the commercial flea and tick stuff. So we are doing dawn soap and coconut oil to calm the skin. Just found a few more fleas on the little one so now more baths. We have vacuumed the whole house several times washed every thing. Wondering what we should do know inside since she is so allergic to the stuff you by at the store to put on the carpets. And should we be treating the yard?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Diana! Sounds like you have done a good job, I suggest you just keep an eye on the situation before treating your yard (as you might not need to).

  81. Avatar Lauren F says:

    Hi Natasha,
    So I recently had to deal with a flea infestation because a rug I bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond was infested with them. I had an exterminator come and spray the whole place and the rug (which has since been ditched). I don’t have any carpet so should I still worry about flea eggs even though I got exterminated? I used a Swiffer Wet Jet on the area around where the rug was and washed a blanket that was on my couch.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Lauren! If the exterminator using an IGR component in the treatment, the eggs will not hatch and you will be fine. Maybe just check with them.

  82. Avatar Jocelyn says:

    Hi Natasha,

    Thank you for the great articles!! I’ve read a few of them on fleas. Question–I noticed in articles conflicting information on heat. So, fleas like heat to cycle through the larvae, pupae, etc., but if heat is too high, they die, a dehumidifier also kills them, yet when you put the AC on, they like to hibernate.

    So my question is–do you put the AC on at all while trying to get rid of the fleas?? For example, the temperature outside is not the same as inside (my place is generally about 75-80 F inside; putting the AC on, the inside temperature drops to about 68 F). I’ve finally figured out that it is fleas that I have here (I have no pets so didn’t occur to me and didn’t notice the fleas jumping up until two days ago even though they started biting me a week ago). Many thanks!!

    FYI…I have bowls of water/soap/tea lights out, sprayed the baseboards with Sprayway Good Night, sprayed my upholstered furniture with vinegar/water/rosemary essential oil mixture, washed laundry yesterday, and have borax on the carpet that I used a broom to sweep into the carpet deeper (did vacuum prior) and going to vacuum it up after 5 days and repeat that for 4 weeks. And, been wearing pants, socks, slippers, and high neck long sleeved top so I don’t get bitten more! 🙁

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Jacelyn! High temperatures (much more than your AC) will kill them but unless you have a steam cleaner, heat isn’t an effective way to deal with fleas. Sounds like you have a solid plan, let me know how that goes 🙂

  83. Avatar ar says:

    Hi Natasha,
    I took my cat for her annual vet visit and they found fleas on her 2-3 in one comb. The vet gave her Comfortis which killed all the fleas within 30 minutes. I believe it also has IGR. We vacuumed all area rugs, we have tile throughout the house. We also washed all bed linens. I am I bit paranoid that we may have fleas in the house even though we have got seen one flea in the house. This evening I saw white tiny grains on my brown comforter and I am afraid they may be eggs. I plan on continuing the washing and vacuuming. I can’t use hot water because my comforter is cold wash only. I also have an outdoor cat and I feel itchy when I’m outside but I have not seen a single flea. We gave our outside cat Revolution. Please let me know what else I should do.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Ar! Sounds like you are doing everything right. Keep it up, you will win the fight against fleas!

  84. Avatar Rebecca says:

    Hey I have a question , I had fleas and I took my one rug out and I have no carpet all hard wood floors. I vacuum cleaning and mopping and I vacuum clean my basement and my mother in law flea bomb and we still had fleas and it was bad in the basement so 4 days later we flea bomb again and their still there so I took the couches out of the basement and trash the because they are old in the first place then I vacuum clean the the basement and spray it qith hot water and dawn soap and I been vacuum cleaning and mopping upstairs and I still have them I even vacuum clean the couches upstairs and move them and mop.. I so stress out I have 11 month old and my pregnant and it frees feels like cant win and I just getting beat down. And I spray hot spot fleas spray and used 20 mule team borax. Can you tell me what else I can do ? Thanks

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Rebecca! It might be worth your while to get a removal quote from a professional. Email me if you want a few free quotes 🙂

  85. Avatar Carly McCormack says:

    Hi Natasha,
    I’m so glad I found your website! It’s been extremely helpful. Here’s my situation. Last Friday my daughter bought 2 ferrets from a person off Craigslist. They were in my home for a day and a half when my daughter realized they had fleas (so on Saturday evening). My husband and daughter immediately went and bought flea killing shampoo, flea killing carpet powder, and flea killing spray. She’s since bathed her ferrets twice, took apart their cage piece by piece and washed all those pieces in very hot water, we’ve powdered, vacuumed, then sprayed and vacuumed the carpet upstairs. My downstairs area is carpet free, it’s all either hardwood or linoleum, but I’ve been vacuuming there, as well. We’ve also stripped all the bedding, bagged all the clothing that was out and could have been possibly contaminated, and cleaned out their pet carrier.
    So what I’m wondering is this: are her ferrets okay to go back into their cage or run around the house? We’ve had them confined to their pet carrier for a few days now, and I’m feeling pretty sorry for them being cooped up constantly. Also, how high is the potential for a large egg infestation since they were only in my home for a day and a half.
    I’m going to continue to spray flea and egg/larvae killing Raid, and continue vacuuming, as well as keeping out the homemade flea traps (we’ve made quite a few and put them all over the house). Is there anything else I should be doing?
    Thanks so much,

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Carly! I am sure that you will be fine, you took the necessary steps and its unlikely that you have fleas in your home. Definitely try the flea traps, that is all you need to do, well done 🙂

  86. Avatar Stephanie says:

    Does vacuuming hatch the flea eggs?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Stephanie! No it shouldn’t. Either way, just throw away the bag when you are done.

  87. Avatar Louise says:

    do foggers kill the eggs

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Louise, only if they contain an insect growth repellent (it should say on the can).

  88. Avatar karen says:

    my 2 dogs havnt got fleas that bad but they do have them and have had them now for about 5 weeks and they keep coming back, iv used strong hold from the vets and rip spray off the vet and iv bathed them inbetween with flea shampoo, what else can I use im at my wits end as my one dog has just had his eye removed because of lens luxation and he could do without the irritation of a flea as well as dealing with surgery as he has to wear a collar for 2 weeks he cant even scratch himself, any help would be much appreciated.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Karen! I have an article that specifically covers dog flea removal, check it out under the flea category at the top as I feel it will help you 🙂

  89. Avatar corey says:

    Hi Natasha, I have been trying to get rid of fleas on my dog and in my house for the last 6 months and cannot figure out whats going on. I’ve tried capstar pills, frontline, shampoos etc on the dog and nothing works. I have sprayed the IGR in his house and all over the entire house a few days ago but not sure if its really working. We have no carpet but we do have a front yard where many dogs visit so i’m wondering how do i kill the eggs in the yard? should i use lime?

    strangely the fleas do not bite me but they bite my wife like crazy… so in turn its driving me crazy hearing about it! I want to get this sorted out asap! HELP!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Corey! Lime works well, just make sure you have it applied properly. If you are unsure on how to do that, I suggest getting an exterminator, let me know if you would like a couple free quotes and I will email them over 🙂 Yeah fleas are strange, they bite me and not my husband lol, no idea why they do that.

  90. Avatar Kim says:

    Hi! Seems I have a bit of a flea problem. I bombed my basement because that’s where I confined my cats until I could treat them. I’ve set water traps throughout my house and altogether I only found around 10-15 dead fleas. A friend told me about borax, which I bought today and used throughout my entire upstairs, unfortunately I ran out before I could do my living room. Anyways, when using the upstairs bathroom I noticed like 6 fleas hopping around! Im wondering if this could be because they’re trying to escape the borax? And is there anything I should do in my bathroom?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Kim! Yes, that is possible. How is your flea problem now, it’s been awhile.

  91. Avatar Donna Sanchez says:

    Hi, we rescued our cat exactly 1 year ago, he had fleas, I gave him a dawn dish soap bath, then got a flea need from the vet.. He was great up until recently when a stray cat started hanging around our front door… Now my cat has flees and I just saw today for the first time eggs! HELP! I’ve given him another dawn bath, and tested him with a cheaper flea medication, I have a spray from hertz and have been using that. I vacuumed really good today! I feel like the flea treatment isn’t killing the fleas though.. What do I do?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Donna! You need an IGR to stop the fleas from hatching (if there are any eggs of course).

  92. Avatar Lucia says:

    Hi Natasha, your website is really helpful an informative. My dad has 3 cats and a dog, two weeks ago, we found out there was fleas. I didn’t know and brought it to my house, now I am very psyched and mortified of these bugs as I already have several itches from them that are REALLY annoying. I cannot even sleep soundly at night because there’s bug biting (i think). I am vacuuming and mopping the floor and using a spray to kill the fleas. Although the flea infestation is not bad, should I call a professional in to make sure it is all clears out? I also will try your idea of ol using DE and / or borax, but then when should I use the flea spray (which also kills flea eggs)- before or after I put on the DE? And can it also kill other pests? Very frustrated and desperate because it is my first time encountering fleas and ticks. Thanks.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hi Lucia! Thank you for your kind words. Yeah just call in a guy to check it out, will probably work out being cheaper in the long run. Hit me up if you need a couple quotes 🙂

  93. Avatar may says:

    Hello natasha

    I have a 3 month old puppy. She was only 6 weeks old when we got her and vet treated her with revolution 3 wrrks after getting her. In short since a month I have been killing about 4 adult fleas on a dail basis in our home. She has had 2 does of topical revolution so far and I am confused as to will revolution really work effectively work yo kill any fleas that bite her? What if they don’t get killed and continue laying eggs? Will tjose eggs be sterile as that is obe of the egfevts of revolution. When I give her a good ruffle on a black surface I can see small white flecks, I have no way of knowing if these are eggs or dandruff. I’m just overwhelmed with the washing and vacuuming as I gave a huge 2 storey 6 bedroom house.
    I am thinking of getting professional pest control come in and spray the whole house. They give a guarantee of 3 months. Providing they use a spray with IGR, once they have sprayed, will it continue to kill any eggs, larvae or newly hatched fleas weeks after the initial spraying? Or will I have to get it sprayed again?

    I am extremely stressed knowing that for every flea I see there are 100s more around.
    Also, I have an african grey parrot. When can I bring my puppy and parrot back on to the house once pest control does its job?
    Thank you for such great information. I have benefited so much.


    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey May! I can’t guarentee that revolution will work, not because its a bad product but it does differ on a per pet, per region basis. However, I do recommend giving it a try, best to get a monthly treatment and keep it up for a couple months to ensure that all the eggs are also killed. You can get the house treated, that would be your next step but you can also use something like DE or borax for a more natural (and affordable) approach, check out my articles on this subject 🙂 Yes, you can bring your other pets in, once you have completed the removal process.

  94. Avatar Linda Barsaloux says:

    My cat was infested with fleas in Aug. 2013. It is January and she still has eggs in her fir. I have not seen any fleas for several months. She only stays in 3 rooms and none are carpeted. I have given her frontline treatments, flea shampoos, and dawn dish soap baths. I switched to the Costco brand of flea treatment and verified with both companies that they work alike (the Costco brand is vey oily). I have sprayed and powdered with iIGR products, vacuumed verociously, powdered with DE and my cat and I are taking it internally to prevent tapeworms, Use a flea trap lamp. Can flea eggs reproduce without fleas? My cat has started to scratch a bit but not regularly. I think I have flea eggs living in my nose. I flush with a netti pot. Is this possible that I am giving my cat fleas … Do flea eggs bite like fleas do? I combed her today and saw white specs in her fir. Can these be flea eggs or dandruff? He coat is oily from the treatment 2 weeks ago…could that be why the white specs are clinging to her? I live in a very cold climate and she doesn’t go out. Can the eggs continue to reproduce and do they walk around on her or myself. I feel like I am infested and constantly have grit in and around my nose…. Am I delusional or is this a real situation I should be concerned about. How can I test to see if I have flea eggs on / in me. How can I get rid of them once and for all… HELP !!!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Linda! If there are flea eggs, they will definitely hatch and reinfest your pets and home. Its unlikely that you are the source of the fleas but its up to you to sort it out. In order to do that, I highly recommend that you use a combination of a steamer and food grade DE (or borax). Get the cat out the house and after using the steamer on all your carpets, furniture, etc, hot wash your clothes and apply the DE when its dry (check out my article on this). Apply spot on treatment to your cat and after a day, bring it back and continue to reapply DE (especially on your pet bedding, etc) until the problem disappears. This will ensure that those eggs (yes, I am almost positive that those are flea eggs and not dandruff) and fleas are killed. Good luck!

  95. Avatar Al B says:

    Hi Natasha. I am happy that I found your blog. I adopted two rescue kittens for my daughter last week from a rescue nonprofit. I was told they were treated for fleas by the nonprofit as well as the person fostering them in her home. Somehow the male had a flea when the vet was checking them out at the their first visit last Monday. I used the spray she gave me in every area they were in and it worked but it was stinky and gave us headaches. Luckily, we have not permitted the kittens in every space in the house. I also have vacuumed every rug twice using our central vac. I have been super stressed out and I am trying to prevent an infestation. I want to make sure I kill all the eggs. I have read your guides. Can you recommend a natural flea egg killing product? The spray I used smelled and was toxic. Put the gel on the kittens that the vet gave us and we groomed last night — not a flea on either kitten! I am now concerned about the eggs, though. Help!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Al B! I am glad that you found it as well 😉 Well I am glad that your kittens are flea free, definitely a good sign. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a natural product (besides using a steam cleaner, which would actually work pretty well) that will stop flea eggs from hatching. However, there are a number of flea sprays that have a pleasant smell and contain IGR (insect growth regulator) and I suggest you go and grab one of those.

      • Avatar Al B, says:

        Thanks for the reply, Natasha! Our local vet Tracy gave me an can of Vet Kem Siphotrol spray last Mon night (Dec 9) and boy did the house smell and made us a bit sick, but she said that is the best product she knows of to kill fleas in all 3 stages (flea, larvae, and eggs). Tracy has been around animals all of her life and grew up in Texas so she knows how to kill fleas because they can be bad down there (I am in Connecticut). We have some warmer weather on the way this weekend (48 on Sat and 59 on Sunday which is unusual for Dec in New England), so I am going to suck it up and just spray the carpeted areas and under beds and furniture again like I did last Mon. I will just turn down the heat and open the windows when I do it. It is the only way to be sure I am killing any fleas and eggs that may have survived the first round. I know — I sound like Ripley and Hicks from the classic sci-fi movie Aliens, but I DO NOT WANT AN INFESTATION IN MY HOUSE. Seriously, I will lose my mind. I will put the kittens in the basement, get my family out of the house while I work, and spray that poison one more time. Ugh. I was really hoping to avoid doing it again. I bought Borax at Walmart but that is no guarantee to kill the eggs as I know. So…this is my only sure fire option. I am a manic cleaner. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I am confident I am being proactive and doing the right things. This is the first time we have had pets and it has been quite an experience — but I know it will get better once we get past these hiccups. 🙂

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Its a pleasure 🙂 Getting rid of fleas is always a bit frustrating but I believe that you will get through this and be flea free for all your hard work. If you run into any other problems or would like some more guidance, please feel free to drop me a message. Good luck Al B!

  96. Avatar Angela says:

    Hi Natasha – I appreciate that you are available to answer questions & reassure that someday the fleas will be gone! I have read in many places that steam cleaning is the way to go to kill fleas and eggs. However, in the effort to save some money, since I have already invested quite a bit into this task, would a carpet cleaner with hot water almost be as effective as hiring a steam cleaner company? Also, I have placed carpet powder containing linalool everywhere, is it still effective under furniture after a few days, although I have resorted to not moving everything very often, just once a week? The label on the carpet powder is vague and suggests delaying vacumming up to 24 hours, but doesn’t speak about how long is too long before it is ineffective.

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Angela! Since high temperatures are deadly to fleas, steam cleaning is a fantastic way to get rid of them. However, if you are only planning on using it on your carpets, then using a carpet cleaner and hot water will definitely do the job just as well. While I haven’t actually used that powder myself, I recommend leaving it down for about a day or two (use a indoor broom to actually rub it in) and then vacuum it up. Hope that helps 🙂

  97. Avatar CJ says:

    Natasha, I have been trying to get rid of fleas in my home for a little over a month now. I have a 25lb dog that has a flea infestation – so far, we have sprayed our entire apartment and furniture with an IGR spray, washed his bedding and our bedding, vacuumed every room, got him a flea collar, used Advantage and Capstar (the pill from the vet), quarantined him into one room so he wouldn’t reinvest the rest of the place, and used a flea comb to get rid of as many fleas as we could as well as the dust/eggs. After all these efforts I’m fairly certain all the living adult fleas on the dog and in our home are all dead or have gotten rid of but I’m afraid there are still eggs throughout my carpet or other areas our dog could’ve come into contact with. Is there anything else I can do before I let my dog back into the rest of the apartment without risking reinfestation?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey CJ! Since you have sprayed your entire apartment with IGR, even if there are flea eggs around, they will never hatch so you are free to let your dog in whenever you want. Just keep an eye on the situation and if you have any more questions, you know where to go 😉

  98. Avatar Angela says:

    Thanks for being so thorough. I’m wondering if washing clothes will remove fleas and their eggs. I think before I knew my cat had fleas she slept on my clean clothes & then I put them in my dresser!

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Angela! Absolutely, washing the clothes will definitely get rid of the flea their eggs, just make sure you put it on a hot cycle. Good luck!

      • Avatar Jonelle says:

        I know this is an old post but I really hope you can answer! I just discovered my dog has fleas. I am going to clean/spray all rugs and get treatment from the vet and do a thorough clean of the house. But my baby’s clothes and mine have all been near the dog, strutting on the floor etc. Jackets have been on the floor and hung back in the closet etc. How thorough do I have to be in washing coats and clothing? It would take me weeks of washingand tons of money dry cleaning everything. How likely isnitbthayvoir clothes have transferred eggs? What do i do? I am beside myself with stress and anxiety!

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Hi Jonelle! Just take the clothes outside, brush them and then spend some time closely inspecting them for fleas. When you are done, safely pack them away and proceed with your flea removal process in your home. Are you going to be hiring an exterminator?

      • Avatar Joe says:

        Thanks Natasha for the excellent advice. Here is my experience.
        -I have gotten bitten (and seen fleas) when taking the clothes out of the front loading washing machine. They don’t seem to drown easily.
        -Maybe the front loader unlike the top loader machine uses too little water to keep them continuously submerged. Maybe the water has to be above 130F (mine was 120F) to kill the cat fleas. I recently raised the temperature to 135F. We will see what happens.
        -Maybe some varieties of them are tougher than others. That could explain why thy don’t drown easily and a natural product works well with one person’s pet and poorly with another.
        – The dryer can get to 225F (measured) and in my case that is where they are being killed.
        Keep up the good work .

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Hi Joe, thanks for that great feedback! Surprising that they didn’t die though, did you put soap in the loader?

        • Avatar Serenity says:

          Add some Dawn dish soap ( the basic blue kind will do) to your wash cycle. That will kill them.

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Hi Serenity, thanks for helping out Joe, really appreciate it. I have just setup a threaded comment notification system so he should be notified about your reply 🙂

  99. Avatar Valery says:

    As I brushed my dog today, I thought I saw dandruff. Perhaps it was eggs. I use the fine toothed deshedder tool. Gets down deep. Then a quick shave. Her hair is so thick and black. Another bath for them both tomorrow. And vacuum and steam. What a chore. Thanks for your help, Valery

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Valery! Its a pleasure, I am glad that I can be of service to the pest control community. Let me know how it goes 🙂

  100. Avatar Sherry says:

    How do I know I won’t take the flea eggs to my new place when I move?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey Sherry! Good question, flea eggs don’t stick very well to anything so unless you moving a mat (or something similar) that is full of them and they manage to stay on it, you wont take them over to your new place. As a precautionary measure, you could always give your pets bedding a good wash (recommended anyways) and this will get rid of any eggs or adult fleas on them.

      • Avatar LaRae McGahuey says:

        What products have IGR and what is DE? Thanks

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Hi LaRae, most flea sprays contain it, it stops flea eggs from hatching basically. DE is diatomaceous earth, I have an article on how to use it, check it out.

  101. Avatar A L says:

    I’m just a little confused. We have bombed our rental house and it seemed we got rid of the fleas. Then a week later they are back. I’m sure this is bc of the eggs. So now do we spray the IGR and then set more bombs or do I use the DE instead w no bombs or spray?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey AL! I recommend using a flea bomb that contains an IGR component. This will eliminate the need to purchase (and apply) a flea spray or DE (although DE can be used a couple weeks after the flea bomb to kill any lingering pests). You need to look for a product that mentions it will stop the flea growth cycle. This will prevent the fleas from hatching and thus end the flea problem in your home. Good luck!

  102. Avatar very worried says:

    Is it possible that fleas can be contained to just one room? Or is it if they are in one room, they are in the whole house?

    • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

      Hey! Its possible but I wouldn’t just presume that its the case. Your best bet would be to use the DIY flea trap that I outlined in another article to check if anyone of the other rooms have a flea problem. These traps are also rather effective in getting rid of fleas so its a really good option for flea control. Let me know if you have any further questions and I will assist you further 🙂

      • Avatar Carol Fynn says:

        Can you let me know about the diy flea trap please. Can’t get rid of them on my 2 cats after trying nearly everything on the market

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Hi Carol, click on the “fleas” category tab at the top of this website, that will take you to all my flea articles. Then browse through them and you will find the flea trap article 🙂

    • Avatar chip s. catter says:

      Does / can anybody know / who will experiment/discover what effect, if any, vinegar has as a spray (undiluted) for floors / bedding / furniture / to wash animals / wash small areas on house pets (cats, in particular)?; and is it a good / reliable, natural alternative to heavy drugs? … & is it useful for cleaning (like damp-mopping?) commonly pet-trafficked areas in-home? … when added (of course) to often & thorough vacuuming??

      • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

        Hi Chip, not too sure about it killing flea eggs but it is very effective otherwise, use it for cleaning all the time!

        • Avatar Katy says:

          I would be nervous to use full strength vinegar on wood..
          or pets. But I am nervous period lol.

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Hi Katy, in it’s diluted form, it should be fine. However I am not a flooring expert so maybe just ask around before doing that hehe. Let me know if I can help you.

      • Avatar anonymous says:

        Hey chip! We have two med sized dogs. We read up on Braggs brand Apple Cider Vinegar. It is healthy to put a tsp in the water bowl daily for a shiny coat and vitamins, detox, etc. When we read up on it, you should shampoo your dog normal and use a flea comb, then use a few tbsp in 1/2 gallon of water as a rinse all over and in the ears for mites. Trust me, it kills the fleas and you will see em! And the vinegar smell wears off in a day. It also helps stop itching. And if the dog has a patch of skin that is highly irritated or stinks, you can put some diluted in a spray bottle and spray on the skin and it will take away the itch/smell. Bacteria can’t grow where vinegar is present. Recommend repeated every few days to ensure you got all the eggs and fleas, plus treat your house and any bedding before the dogs lay on it.

        • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

          Hi there! Thanks for helping Chip, really appreciate it.

    • Avatar Paul Patnode says:

      My home is in a rain forest at 3,000 feet elevation on the Big Island of Hawaii, so on weekends I like to experience a dryer & warmer tropical climate by sleeping on my very comfortable van bed on a cliff directly above the Pacific. About 9 months ago I gave a hitchhiker a ride in my van and have had a flea problem every since. I have noted the white eggs very infrequently on the bed sheet, but frequently get bitten by the flea and then see them when I wake. Almost always I get bloody fingers squashing them. This at least seems to prevent population increase. I just read that organic matter facilitates the larvae life cycle, so I will try to minimize any crumbs from eating in bed. I am reluctant to use any kind of spray that could be harmful to myself if I sleep on treated sheets. Can you recommend any safe control method?

      • Natasha Anderson Natasha Anderson says:

        Hi Paul! Yes, I recommend that you try some food grade Diatomaceous Earth (for inside), and you can try using beneficial nematodes for around your place. I have an article on both these topics under the “fleas” category, check them out 🙂

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