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Ant infestation in my home – crumb problem?

Asked by: David J Shaw 2560 views Pest Control

We have an ant infestation in my home. We have set different ant traps down and the present one seems to be working best, however a couple of days after I put the traps down, there is a substance that appears to look like crumbs. If U like I can take a picture of it and send it so u can see what I mean, it is confusing the heck outta me, I am thinking it is the ants that are coming out of hiding and eating the stuff in the any traps or they are dying because of the water and vinegar we put down, they come out of hiding and shrivel up and die. Could that be?


1 Answers

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    Hey Dave! Yeah that sounds good, just use the contact form on the home page and I will be able to give you better guidance 🙂 I am not 100% sure what could be causing that, its seems a little strange to me as well but I am sure that once I take a look, I will figure it out. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Bug Expert - Jul 26, 2013 |