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Are these bites from bed bugs or another insect?

Asked by: jhuitrado 4521 views Pest Control

We live in a 3 bedroom house with hardwood floors throughout (no carpet). About a month ago, we started noticing bites on our 3 yr old son. After doing some research, we removed his mattress and bunky board and inspected for signs of bed bugs. Although we didn’t find anything, we left these items outside while we assembled new beds we had previously purchased (just needed motivation to build, and this was it).

My 3 yr old and 6 yr son share a bedroom. We built the two captains beds over the weekend. We bought a new mattress for our 3 yr old to be safe. The bed design is like this: Mattress in a box, box on top of two dressers with ladder to get to raised bed (space saving design). I can email a picture for reference if you need to see it. During assembly, we found a dead bug in the middle of the floor that appears to be a bed bug. I saved it in a ziplock bag for reference in case you want a picture of it.

After about 3 weeks, my 3 yr old woke up with a line of bites once again. We immediately washed and hot dried all linens and put him back in bed the following night. After about 4 biteless nights, he woke up this morning with a new set of bites. His newer mattress has no sign of bed bugs (marks, blood, casings, exrement, etc…)

I don’t think we have an infestation (yet) but certainly want to prevent one. I have not found signs of any hiding places in the room. I want to utilize DE, but need your guidance on how to apply it considering our situation. Do we put under sheets? Should we spread around the bed where dressers touch the ground?

-No evidence of bites on older son, although he has always been in the same room.
-No evidence of bites outside of the boys’ bedroom. No bites from me or mom or baby sister.
-Bedroom has no other furniture. Only two new bed sets as described.

We are quite frustrated because we don’t know what to do. I would like to avoid contacting a pest control company unless it is really necessary.

Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!! Are these bites from bed bugs or another insect?

Thank you!

1 Answers

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    Hey jhuitrado!

    Thats certainly a bit of a mystery, please send me that image and I will take a closer look for you.

    However, I definitely think you should give the DE a shot as it will not only kill bed bugs (if the bites are from them) but should kill any other nasty insects as well. I would place the food grade (this is important) DE under the sheets (not too much, focus on the outer rims of the mattress), on the carpet and anywhere where you think fleas may be hiding.

    For application instructions, just check out my DE guide on fleas. I know its unlikely to be fleas in your situation but the method is the same. If you are concerned about placing the DE with your kid in the bed, just let him sleep elsewhere for a night or two and repeat the DE treatment each day after vacuuming it up.

    Hope that helps!

    P.S: I have added a few links in your original post for both yourself and others to view. 🙂

    Bug Expert - Oct 22, 2013 |