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Bengal flea spray recommendations?

Asked by: Daniel L 6170 views Pest Control

Hello Natasha! Thanks for the long answer for my last question. You’re really good in getting rid of pests eh? 🙂 I’ve been browsing in the internet for a long time now and, thanks to the guidance of my brother, I have stumbled upon a famous flea spray product called Bengalli.

I live here in a remote place somewhere in Miami and you can seldom see any commercialized mini stores here. There’s no flea spray product here other than this one but the store owner said it works just fine. But through browsing around the internet, I have read something unusual. A person claims that the spray is ineffectively not working and does contain more toxic contents than the Frontline brand. I’m baffled because when I search through forums I saw positive reviews about the Bengal Flea Spray.

Also I want to have your opinion. Which is the better flea spray brand for you? I’m also thinking about purchasing flea sprays on amazon so I don’t need to drive long distances just to get to a mini convenience store. Usually, how long does a flea spray product from amazon to get to my doorstep? Does flea spray also work for fruit flies? Sorry for these many questions because this is gonna be the first time to have a pest control expert answer my questions. Do you have any other bengal flea spray recommendations (in terms of brands)?

I’m thinking of researching them one by one since this is gonna be a long term daily routine for my house. In your bug expert opinion, do you recommend this spray? thanks! 🙂

1 Answers

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    Its a pleasure Daniel! Thanks, I enjoy helping the community and your questions are welcome here! I havnt personally used “bengal flea spray” and thus I cannot comment on its effectiveness but I am sure that it will be effective. I personally use Frontline but I know that its a bit expensive. As for ordering off Amazon, thats definitely an option if you want more brand choices. Depending on your exact location, it usually takes a day or two and the prices are usually very competitive, sometimes even cheaper then a local vet or store. If your vet says that the flea spray works fine and he is qualified to give guidance on this type of thing, I would recommend you give it a try. If it doesnt work, try a few natural methods or grab yourself some frontline from Amazon.

    Good luck, feel free to ask any other questions and I will get back to you!

    Bug Expert - Feb 11, 2013 |