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I have a massive flea problem, please help?!

Asked by: faqmaster 3708 views Pest Control

I live in a condominium unit in the 6th floor and I thought that this was actually a deterrent for parasites like fleas and ticks from getting to my pet dog because it was high. You see I have a 3 year old golden retriever who stays with me in my unit, and everyday we take a walk when I get home from work, and this is our routine for the last year or so. Anyway the problem started when one time, I noticed these black patches in his skin on the underside of the belly. I thought it was just a regular skin patch since it was quite small, though in clusters. I did not mind it up until I started noticing my little friend scratching himself more than usual, and even though he take a regular bath at least 3 times a week. And the patches seem to grow more and more as time progressed so I knew something was wrong, and a quick Google eventually told me that this was a massive flea problem.

The patches were called flea dirt as I found out, and for some reason, I really don’t know how the fleas got to my dog. When we go walking at night, there are no other dogs in sight, and even in the weekends when we go to the park, my dog rarely plays with the other dogs and just runs with me up to the point we go back to my place. This is getting to be disturbing for me because sometime he would sleep in my room and my bed, and if he has these fleas, it might get on me also. I have actually tried washing with dog shampoo to get rid of these fleas, and though it has lessened in number, there are still some visible specks from time to time, and I cannot seem to really find a real live flea. Now what would actually be a good way to handle this? I have heard of the medication for dogs called Adventix, and even using dog flea collars and stuff, but I want to really know which ones work as I don’t want to waste time and money, and I want to get rid of this problem in one go. Is there anything that can really help me out wipe this problem fast and effectively so my dog won’t have to suffer too?

3 Answers

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    No matter where you are, fleas can reach your dog easily. These are nasty parasites that will bother your dog if left untreated. Make sure your use pesticides in your surroundings, and as for your dog, Advantix will work on him and this will get rid of the fleas spot on. Just make sure you will do this regularly at least once every month to avoid relapses of the flea infestation.

    Frank Dublio - Mar 11, 2013 |

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    This is an easy problem which can be addressed by that medication you mentioned, Adventix. Flea collars work, but it is not an ultimate solution for your dog. Taking him to the vet will give you the right medications, and also give you an idea on how to effectively control this infestation problem. Don’t worry too much as this is very common and very treatable condition for your dog.

    Dorothy West - Mar 12, 2013 |

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    Hello! use Advantix by Bayer. It is made for dogs and it works 100 percent of the time. Yes it does work believe it or not, and about your own dog, don’t sweat it, fleas are common and normal from time to time. A single use of this medication and your dog is back to healthy square one 🙂

    Mellony Smith - Mar 13, 2013 |