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3 Answers

Looking for a flea repellent for humans?

Asked by: Allen Ducan 3711 views Pest Control

Hello I would like to thank you for providing a lot of information for those that are having insect problems and I have registered here because I think this is the right place to ask my question for it is rather urgent. We had fleas for awhile now and we’ve managed to get some of them but we still got a flea problem. We caught our little brother scratching furiously, to our surprise, found red bumps that looks like the one you’ve mentioned on the flea bite guide on this site.

We’ve been buying Calamine and flea bite lotions. But the problem still persists. We’ve done all the suggestions you have suggested (lemon juice, wet tea bag, etc.). We’re planning to get him to the doctor because of his flea bites but I think it would be wise to seek help from here first, perhaps to save some money. My brother said his back itched 3 days ago and since he has been scratching, its really inflamed now. My brother cries loudly when we apply lotions and stuff.

In your opinion, what is the best solution? I hate to see my brother like this. He’s a good boy and he’s very intelligent. As of now, he’s ill and resting on his bed on his side because its painful for him to lay on his back. I had no idea that human fleas could cause this much distress! Can you suggest a good flea repellent for humans? Any brand? Thanks!.

3 Answers

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    Its not good to scratch any sort of insect bites, especially flea ones. It makes them sore but I dont think its dangerous. I usually use Aloe Vera gel for these sort of things so maybe you could try that. Hope I could help you.

    Supra - Feb 19, 2013 |

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    If your brother is suffering that much I think you should take him to the doctor. I know that money might be limited but its not worth risking something that might be rather serious and having to live with that regret in the near future. Keep us updated!

    Jason Webster - Feb 25, 2013 |

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    I agree with Jason, definitely seek medical attention as soon as possible.

    andrew - Feb 25, 2013 |