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Natural flea remedies for dog, cat, pups and kittens

Asked by: Mark Whittaker 5975 views Pest Control

I have been reading your articles for a while, and as I have been battling with these lil insects for a while; we have come across some interesting discoveries. To safely remove fleas from your pets…first step is their bath..yep..cats included…(even if they aren’t fond of getting wet). Original DAWN dishwashing soap…we fill the tub with water, dip the cats/dogs and get em good and wet down to their skin, pull them out of the tub and proceed to rub them down with Dawn,thoroughly lathering them up. Let the dish soap soak in for a few minutes and then proceed to rinse off you pet. Afterwards, the pets are always fond of the drying off party…dogs love the blow dryer (and the heat kills fleas also) and the cats love the towel rubs….(go figure right)…The Borax works wonders treating carpets, floors, and furniture, and also does well in the yard. We have also discovered that using concentrated lemon juice (in those lil plastic lemons) mixed with water at a 5to1 ratio (five parts water/1part lemon juice) works with an almost instant effect. The lemon juice’s high acidity (citric acid) kills fleas and larvea on contact. This works great in a spray bottle spraying on the pet and rubbing it into there fur and skin…(also leaves your pet/home lemony fresh) Just be careful spraying the lemon juice mixture onto furniture as it can discolor some fabrics depending on the strength of the mixture.

Anyways, my question comes up on the use of Baking Soda as a desicant for flea removal/dehydration. I was curious if you have done any research or trials with it?

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    Hey Mark!

    Thanks for your fantastic contribution to the community, that information will definitely help! I will investigate the baking soda option. While I have read that it works, I havn’t personally tried it (and don’t have any pets right now to test lol).

    However, it would be completely safe to use so if you do test it, please let us know 🙂


    Bug Expert - May 28, 2014 |