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Recommended pest control for fleas that are stubborn?

Asked by: faqmaster 4124 views Pest Control

Hi there!

I currently have a few young dogs (not puppies though) that are having an issue with fleas. The problem is that the fleas are proving to be rather difficult to remove and its getting frustrating as we have tried a number of methods without much success. I have heard that this website is a good place to get quick answers and I was hoping to have the same experience 🙂

I have tried a number of different options, some have had more success with the flea problem then others. For example, I have tried to use front line and although it definitely does work, it seems to seems to be loosing its power over time and I am not too sure what else is a recommended option that’s affordable.

I have also taken some time to give them a flea bath every couple of weeks using flea shampoo and I have even had them professionally dipped but after a few weeks, the fleas are back 🙁 The only thing that I have not tried is those flea collars because I have heard that they are dangerous for pets, is this true?

These little pests are so damn stubborn that its proving to be very difficult to control. I presume that there are some preventive measures that I am supposed to be taking but I am not too sure what is the best way to do it, or even what I need to do to control these fleas. Any ideas on a few ways to ensure pest control for fleas on my doggies, other than those that are in that article? I would really what you think is the recommended pest control for fleas. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of these fleas.

Thanks for your help in advance, keenly waiting your response!


1 Answers

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    I am sure that I can offer some suggestions that will be able to help you control the fleas that are troubling your dogs. I am going to break it down into sections to ensure that I cover all of your questions, please take a moment to review each one.

    Firstly, it seems that you have really tried your best to remove the fleas and it seems to me that the fleas are coming from somewhere else and your dogs are simply getting them over and over again. I highly recommend getting rid of the fleas using a product like Advantage (since you mentioned that you are having reduced results with Front Line) and simultaneously making entirely sure that your home is completely flea free otherwise your dogs will get them again. Also, its possible that they may be coming in from other pets (perhaps your neighbours) or even from your garden so after inspection, I think you should get your yard treated for fleas.

    Secondly, pest control for fleas can prove to be rather difficult and I encourage you to try out some natural methods to assist in the process, perhaps using them on the weeks where you are not using Advantage flea products.

    Lastly, flea collars can sometimes prove to be a danger but its not as bad as the horror stories on the internet. If you use a reputable brand and keep your other pets from licking it, etc you will be fine.

    Hope that helps, good luck!

    bugexpert - Dec 05, 2012 |