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What are these little bite marks?

Asked by: Ipaw 4321 views Pest Control

I started to notice little bite marks on my elbows (they are worse there), upper back and chest in the last few days I instantly thought bed bugs. We have lived in our home for three years and never had a problem till what seems to be now. So I ripped off all the bedding and gathered up any piece of clothing off the floor and put them straight into a garbage bag, then headed right for the washer (washed everything on hot and dried on high heat) I vacuumed our bed, hand vacuumed the seams flipped it and repeated.

As I was doing this I found one bigger dead bug in the seam and one on the wood frame it was crawling so I freaked and killed it. Continued to clean our room and found two more dead. I haven’t been able to sleep as I’m freaking out. We have three little ones (they don’t show any signs of bites neither does my husband) I need help so I can actually relax. What else do I need to do and how long does it take to get rid of them? Should i do all rooms on this main floor what about the basement?

Sorry so many questions and long message. I don’t want my babies to start being eaten alive while they sleep. I don’t even understand when or how we got them. I vacuum the beds weekly already and the area rugs daily as it is.

Please help before I go crazy.

1 Answers

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    Hey there!

    I am trying my best to imagine what it could look like but you are going to have to help me a bit. When you say a “large bug”, could you be a little more specific? If you like you can send me a picture of it and I can identify it for you.

    Regardless, whether its fleas or bed bugs, I highly recommend that you use food grade Diatomaceous Earth as a treatment option as its very effective, affordable and safe. Follow my guide (I know its focusing on fleas but the steps are always the same) and I am sure that you will get some relief from these pests.

    Let me know if you have any other questions and I will be happy to help!


    Bug Expert - Sep 20, 2013 |